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Punta Cana Premium Live rock
SKU: Punta-007
Punta Cana Premium Live rock
Price varies based on options.
Florida Cherry Primo Picked Decorator
This is the most INCREDIBLE LIVE ROCK we sell. you will get Florida live rock that is covered in growth and live corals, this live rock has over 23 years of growth, we have never had an unsatisfied customer with this live rock, when you see it you will see why.This live rock sells for $16-23 per lb in the pet shops. AWESOME LIVE ROCK!!! MINIMUM 15 POUND ORDER REQUIRED
Price varies based on options.

Blue Leg Reef Hermit Crab; Atl.; - Paguristes sp.
Blue Leg Hermit Crab This hermit crab has blue legs with red banding. The bright color and active personality make this hermit crab a wonderful addition to an aquarium.
Price varies based on options.

Florida Live Sand (SOLD BY THE POUND)
Our Sand is taken in close proximity to reefs to ensure that our sand is actually "Live". Collected in 30- 50 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. We will contact you to calculate shipping and carrier to use.
Price varies based on options.

Fiji saltwater live rock
Fiji saltwater live rock This is Walt Smiths cultured Fiji rock and this Fiji live rock is flown in and is direct to you from Fiji
Price varies based on options.

Astrea Turbo Snail
SKU: Astrea Turbo Snail
Description: The Astrea snail is identified by the sharp conical shell with pronounced ridges circling the shell. The shell is normally a light tan in color unless covered with coralline algae. Astrea remain moderately small.

Scarlet red leg hermits
SKU: Scarlet red leg hermits
Scientific Name Paguristes cadenati Common Names Scarlet reef hermit, red legged hermit, red reef hermit crab Class: Crustacea Order: Decapoda Family: Diogenidae

Buna Ultra Live Rock
SKU: Buna Ultra
Buna Ultra This rock has incredible color! and has fantastic shape! this is an import rock from the small isles of Buna. this is a great rock to cycle your tank as well as add alot of great color. FREE SHIPPING!!!
Price varies based on options.
Nassarius Sand Snail - Nassarius sp.
The Nassarius Snail is a little snail with a big appetite. This hungry critter glides through your aquarium foraging for food. The Nassarius Snail is an efficient scavenger and detritus eater and is the perfect member of your reef aquarium cleanup crew.
Price varies based on options.

Banded Trochus Tiger Turbo Snail; Fiji - Trochus sp.
Farm-raised Trochus Snails are a great addition to the cleaning stable. They move very slowly but leave nothing behind,

Mexican Turbo Snail - Turbo sp.
The Turbo Snail, also known as the Turban Snail, or Top Shell, is found in holes and crevices of the reef. It is shaped like a top, or turban, and has a thick shell with an irridescent interior.

Olive Snails
SKU: olive snails
These snails are great to keep the bottom of your tank cleaned, they will eat up any waste. Olive snails have long, smooth shells that can vary in color from pale tan to darker brown. They usually stay buried in the substrate where they eat leftover food and detritus, helping to keep the substrate clean and stirred.
Cerith Snail (Cerithium sp.)
This is one of the best snails tested for Diatom algae! One of the most ideal scavengers, detritus eaters, and algae eaters these snails are perfect for the reef aquarium.
Price varies based on options.

50 Watt Heating tube
SKU: 50 Watt Heating tube
50 Watt Heating tube

Nerite Snail-Nerite sp.
They will eat unwanted nuisance algaes such as cyanobacteria (red slime) and other film algaes that may occur on the glass, rock or sand.
Price varies based on options.

Left Hand Zebra Hermit - Calcinus laevimanus
Like other members of the genus Calcinus, the Dwarf Zebra Hermit Crab is very small but boasts an enlarged left claw.

Red leg hermit crab
SKU: RLH-000
Red leg hermit crab

Fiji Shelf Rock
SKU: Fiji Shelf Rock
Fiji Shelf Live Rock is a large head of table top, or brush Acropora's, that have died, They make excellent platforms on which to place your coral specimens. FREE GROUND SHIPPING
Price varies based on options.
Zebra Stripe Turbo Snail
SKU: Zebra Stripe Turbo Snail
The Zebra Striped Turbo Snail is a beautiful algae removing powerhouse. Like other members of the Turbinidae family, the Zebra Striped Turbo Snail has a voracious appetite for algae.

GMP Premium Rock
SKU: GMP Premium Rock
ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! Golden Marindo!! The best import you can buy hands down, Extremely porous for great filtration very lightweight and pest free, very thick deep purple corralling algaes!! PRE-ORDER AS THIS WILL SELL OUT FAST!
Price varies based on options.
Fiji Islands Branch Live Rock
Back after a long absence, this branch rock is encrusted with all colors of coralline algae's and has fantastic shapes, this rock can be used for any type of reef, its great to add to existing reefs also, or to build a branching reef. awesome for placing corals on the branches. FREE SHIPPING!!!
Price varies based on options.
Refugium live rock by the pound
Very porous small pieces of live rock that works great in place of bio balls and is excellent for filtration. they have great porosity and are the perfect size for adding to any ecosystem or refugium FREE SHIPPING!!! MINIMUM 5 POUND ORDER.
Price varies based on options.
Green Chromis - Chromis viridis
SKU: Grnchrmis-08
The Green Chromis is very popular due to its peaceful and schooling nature. These fish are light green in color with a forked tail and do well in the home aquarium. They do best when kept in groups.
Price varies based on options.

Bumble Bee Snail - Engina sp.
Bumble Bee snails are small stunning snails with a striped black and yellow pattern that resembles the pattern of a bumble bee hence the name.
Price varies based on options.

Peppermint Shrimp; Atl. - Lysmata wurdemanni
Peppermint Shrimp; Atl. - Lysmata wurdemanni Excellent aiptasia eater when purchased in multiples of 3 or more