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Welcome to Live Rock N Reef! We provide an awesome variety of Saltwater Live Rock for saltwater reef aquarium tanks or fish only tanks. If you are looking for aquarium supplies, high quality live rock, or a beautiful aquarium live rock decoration, then you can find it at Live Rock n Reef! This is much higher quality than your typical Fiji rock. Our company is in the business of importing/exporting live tropical marine fishes, corals and invertebrates to the United States and other countries. We import and export a large variety of live rock from around the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji and other exotic locations.

Our customers simply love our live rock! They rave about the quality, color, beauty and speed of delivery.

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Unlike the common fiji rock our Saltwater Live Rock is covered with life, so you will get a lot more for your money. Best of all you will be able to purchase this saltwater live rock at Wholesale Prices, and we have free shipping packages available!

We are a DIRECT FROM THE DIVER company and takes orders from wholesalers, retail shops, pet shops and large distributors at discounted prices.

e also specialize in nano tank packages!

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Saltwater Fish

Are you looking for the most amazing saltwater fish, marine fish or tropical fish for your aquarium? We offer many species of saltwater fish which can be shipped overnight to your door at competetive prices!. Our saltwater fish are highly disreable for their uniqueness, bright colors, bold patterns and ease of care. Come discover the possibilities in our saltwater fish category today!