free shipping on livestock over $349


Some restriction's that apply:

To receive FREE SHIPPING on dry goods orders, you must order $150 dollars minimum of dry goods (or free shipping is stated in product description). Exclusions: Lighting, Chillers, Aquariums, Live Stock, Air Pumps, Skimmers, Salt and Sand and when overall weight is over 40 lbs. This offer is available for retail customers only.

FREE SHIPPING on all livestock orders of $349 or more! Free shipping applies to: fish, coral and invertebrates ONLY. Exclusions: live rock, live sand, specialty items, oversize fish, frozen food and live food. This offer is available for retail customers only. For orders under $349 flat rate shipping of $103.89 applies to cover overnight shipping and packing.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico would have additional shipping fees applied.


Once the order is placed in our system we will discuss the shipping options, Then before we start packaging, we factor in such things as transportation time, weather (both here and at the destination) and the type of handling we can expect from the carriers. We will also use heat packs or ice packs accordingly, While unusual packaging requirements may effect your shipping cost, it is important . Once the freight is placed in the carriers hands we can no longer be responsible for its safe delivery to your tank.


Most major cities are served by the airlines which will make Air Freight available. If you are not close to a major airport the product would be best sent by UPS, FedEx or USPS (the advantage being it will be delivered to your door). Other cities having no airlines are then best sent via usps or ups this can be more expensive than air cargo. One advantage with usps or ups is that they do deliver to your door. When using Air Freight, you will be picking up the shipment at the air freight terminal. Other forms of shipment that provide less than overnight shipping are unacceptable


You can always use air cargo if you are not far from an airport. Air cargo can be the cheapest and fastest method available depending on weight.. Shipping costs when using Air Freight will set you back from $80.00 to $124.00 for up to 60 Lbs. Packages that weigh less than 60 Lbs. are still charged the minimum 60 Lb. rate. Packages over 60 lbs. are charged the next tier level which is 120 lbs. ( Call for pricing )


When you pick up your shipment you may find the boxes wet or even leaking. This is normal due to handling. We double bag including box liners on sand and rock with three mil plastic and occasionally even this is not enough. This leakage will not effect the quality of the product. If you will be transporting your shipment in your family car it may be a good idea to bring a leak proof container or some plastic to lay in the trunk.

Prices may vary due to fuel prices. Please call for most up to date pricing

Airline phone # for cargo and web address for tracking
Delta : 1-800-352-2746
Southwest : 1-800-533-1222
Us Air : 1-888-300-0099
UPS :1-800-742-5877
USPS : 1-800-275-8777