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Purple Firefish Goby
SKU: Purple Firefish Goby
The Purple Firefish, also known as the Decorated Firefish, Purple Dartfish, Decorated Dartfish, or Flame Firefish, was first discovered in the Indo-west-Pacific Ocean in 1973 by Randall and Allen.

Yellow Watchman Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus)
The Yellow Watchman Goby also are called Yellow Watchman Prawn Goby, and sometimes the Yellow Shrimp Goby.
Price varies based on options.

Purple Tilefish Goby
SKU: Purple Tilefish Goby
The Purple Tilefish has an attractive solid lilac-purple body color with darker crimson-red markings highlighting a v-shape on the tail.
Price varies based on options.

Flaming Prawn Goby
Flaming Prawn Goby

Yasa Hashe Goby
SKU: Yasa Hashe Goby
The Yasa Hashe Shrimp Goby fish is a lovely fish that is a wonderful addition to the passive community tank. If startled, these fish will occasionally bury under the sand. The Yasa Hashe Shrimp Goby require a plenty of hiding places and a sand bottom. They are usually found living with the red and white banded snapping shrimp, The Yasa Hashe Shrimp Goby should do fine in most setups but may get eaten by larger, more aggressive tank mates.
Price varies based on options.

Helfrichs Firefish
SKU: Helfrichs Firefish
If firefishes were princesses, this species would arguably be the fairest of them all thanks to its exceptional coloration and ease of care.

Bluespot Jawfish Goby
Its head and body are orange with different shaped flourescent blue spots covering all but the fins.

Flashing Tilefish
The Flashing Tilefish or Chameleon Tilefish can display many different color patterns, however the prominent color will be a soft pastel blue on its elongated tubular body.

Citron Clown Goby
SKU: Citron Clown Goby
Clown Gobies will spend much of their time perched on coral looking over the reef. This small fish is hard to keep track of, but is usually perched in plain view. They are rarely aggressive towards other fish and should be housed with docile tank-mates. Although they are thought to have a noxious body slime that helps to deter predators from eating them they should not be kept with large aggressive fishes.
Price varies based on options.

Diamond Sleeper Goby
SKU: Diamond Sleeper Goby
The Orange Diamond Sleeper Goby is also known as the Pretty Prawn, Maiden, Orange Spotted Diamond, Orange-dashed, Diamond Watchman Goby, and Orange Spotted Sleeper Goby. The head and body are white with orange spots. The Orange Diamond Sleeper Goby can get up to six inches in length.
Price varies based on options.

Twinspot Signal Goby
The Twin Spot Signal Goby is an excellent sand-sifter for small aquariums with a fine substrate.

Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris magnifica)
SKU: Firefish-Goby02
The Firefish is one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby. It is a magnificent fish with brilliant coloration, a unique body shape, and unparalleled personality. Also known as the Firefish Goby,
Price varies based on options.

African Flame Tail Goby
SKU: African Flame tail Goby
The Flametail goby, also known as the beautiful prawn-goby, or Aurora watchman goby, is a boldly-colored shrimp goby from the waters off south Africa, in the Indian Ocean.
Price varies based on options.

Hector's Goby
SKU: Hectors Goby
A wonderful addition to any reef tank. This goby, although small, will try to do its part in sifting the substrate, as well as grazing on pesky hair algae. It is not a threat to anything. Just simply a nice way of adding a little flair and help to your tank.
Price varies based on options.

Tiger Goby
SKU: TigerGoby-009
The Tiger Goby (Elacatinus macrodon, formerly Gobiosoma macrodon) has a nearly transparent, greenish body, with thin brown rings from snout to tail.
Price varies based on options.

Panda Goby
Also called the Panda Coral Goby, and Panda Clown Goby. Although small, this is a fascinating fish to keep in the aquarium, especially in smaller tanks.

Rusti Goby
SKU: Rusti Goby
Rusty Gobies, Priolepis hipoliti, is a common but reclusive goby found throughout Florida and the Caribbean. They prefer to hang upside down under rocks and coral heads, so they usually go unnoticed by the average diver. They are a small goby and don't get much bigger than an inch long. They are a rusty orange color as the name implies, and some have lighter colored horizontal stripes on them.
Price varies based on options.

Scissortail Goby
The Scissortail Goby, also known as the Scissortail Dartfish, make very good reef or community tank inhabitants.
Price varies based on options.

Green Clown Goby
SKU: Green Clown Goby
Rarely the aggressor in most aquariums, the Green Clown Goby is a great addition to any reef tank. Clown Gobies come in a variety of colors, with this species having a somewhat psychedelic mix of yellow and green with orange stripes for coloration. Does well with the majority of corals and polyps, but should not be housed with others of its kind with the exception of very large (100+ gallon) tanks.

Rainfordi Goby
This is an incredibly useful and attractive fish. Rainfordi Goby, Amblygobius rainfordi, is excellent for keeping your tank clean of hair algae.

Dragon Sleeper Goby - Amblygobius phaleana
It is silver and white with multicolored bands and spots, most prominently dark vertical bands that cross over horizontal dashes and patches. They have an elongated body with a rounded face and a high dorsal fin.
Price varies based on options.

Orangespot Guttata Watchman Goby
It has the ability to form symbiotic partnerships with nearly blind alpheid shrimp. It provides a watchful eye while the shrimp digs a burrow for them to share.

Dracula Goby
Dracula Goby The Dracula Goby is prized for its unusual and beautiful, stark coloration

Golden Head Sleeper Goby
These are one of the larger sized sand sifting gobies. They have a cream white color body with a bright golden yellow head.
Price varies based on options.

Pink Spotted Watchman Goby
SKU: Pink Spotted Watchman Goby
The Spotted Watchman Goby is also known as the Pink and Blue Spotted, Singapore Shrimp, Leptocephalus Prawn, or Pinkspotted Shrimp Goby. The head and body are yellow to tan with pink spots surrounded by smaller blue spots.
Price varies based on options.