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Hamlet Fish

Hamlet Fish
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Indigo Hamlet-Hypoplectrus indigo
Indigo Hamlets do well in the home aquarium if provided some basic aquarium and water parameters. They should be housed in an aquarium that is close to 70 gallons or larger in order to provide them with enough swimming room and with enough water volume to accommodate the bio-load they produce.
Price varies based on options.

Yellow Belly Hamlet; Atl. - Hypoplectrus aberrans
Yellow Belly Hamlet; Atl. - Hypoplectrus aberrans
Price varies based on options.

Barred Hamlet
They adapt well to aquarium life, and will also become used to the bright aquarium lighting given time. It is important to provide them with plenty of caves and large crevices in which they can retreat from the bright aquarium lights.
Price varies based on options.


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