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About Our Saltwater Live Rock

saltwater live rockPrimo Deco Live Rock

Just look at the encrusted coralline on this rock. It is very lightweight and one of our most popular live rocks. It will also have some corals and incredible macroalgae. This live rock is a Florida live rock that is harvested in Gulf Coast waters.


All of our live rock is shipped wrapped in wet towels; some sponges but not all will die off once they are exposed to the air; we try to pull them off prior to shipping.

We have free shipping packages available!!!!!

The florida aquaculture live rock is so full of life that you never know what you will find next.

The majority of the life you will find on the florida aquaculture live rock is tube worms, feather dusters, various plant life, many different species of calurepa, many different colors of sponges, coco worms, lightbulb anemone, robust ivory coral, variety of polyps,sea urchins and a variety of live crabs and snails,. Also the famous xmas tree coral,as well as many others not listed.

All of our saltwater live rock is packaged with the utmost care and is ready to be placed directly in the tank. 

All of our live rock that is shipped will vary from the pictures above, but will look just as awesome if not better...we're not kidding!!

Let us know what size tank and we can customize your live rock package.

Just tell us the setup that you are looking for and we will cherry pick the rock to fit what you are looking for, and the reef you build will be more satisfying!

If you would like certain size package please call.

Wholesale store orders over 200 lbs are welcome  but require 48 hour notice

Below is the way the saltwater live rock is packaged.

We wrap all saltwater live rock in wet paper towels and then we place inside 2 ply bag and then place inside 4 ply bag so that freshness is guaranteed. Then rock is boxed up and shipped to your front door or aircargo to the closest major airport.

Heat packs and cold packs are used accordingly and vary with shipping destination.

Shipping cost's will be added after order has been processed. Just call if you would like to know the shipping cost.

You can always use air cargo if you are not far from an airport. Air cargo can be the cheapest and fastest method available depending on weight.. Shipping costs when using Air Freight will set you back from $80.00 to $124.00 for up to 60 Lbs. Packages that weigh less than 60 Lbs. are still charged the minimum 60 Lb. rate. Packages over 60 lbs. are charged the next tier level which is 120 lbs.
( Call for pricing )

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All live rock orders that do not include free shipping have a $15.00 box charge plus shipping charges; heat packs and ice packs are included at no charge.

Because we can ship from either east coast or west coast you can save a fortune on shipping!

We service many retail stores nationwide, so if you would like to offer our live rock in your store just FILL OUT OUR  WHOLESALE FORM.

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Saltwater live rock is a live product and therefore no refunds or returns are honored, once you have taken delivery of live rock it is the responsibility of the reef hobbyist or consumer to have knowledge of how to care for the saltwater live rock. The live rock arrives alive and so it is no longer our responsibility to keep it alive. We take no responsibility if livestock die or the live rock dies once it is in your hands. Exceptions are if shipping delays occur and the saltwater live rock does not arrive on time due to delays, the box that the live rock arrives in sometimes may be slightly damaged or wet this does not constitute a refund or return and is common due to handling thru shipping.

we also specialize in nano tank packages!

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