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Blue (Linkia) Starfish - Linckia laevigata
The Blue Linckia Sea Star is certain to be the shining star for the dedicated reef aquarium enthusiast.
Price varies based on options.

Sand Sifting White Starfish-Archaster typicus
The Sand Sifting Sea Star efficiently consumes mass amounts of detritus and uneaten food. A great addition to any reef tank, this nocturnally active sea star will move large amounts of sand as it burrows into the substrate in its search for food.

Red Serpent Star fish
SKU: Red Serpent Star fish
Red Serpent Star fish
Red / Pink Tile Star; I.O. - Fromia sp.
The Tile Sea Star, or Marble Starfish, is one of the more common of the Fromia species, its coloration making it one of the more striking of all the sea stars.
Price varies based on options.

Red/Orange Fromia starfish
Red/Orange Fromia starfish

Common StarFish
SKU: Common StarFish
Description Body with small disc and 5 rather short, broad and tapering arms (occasionally, specimens are found with 4, 6 or even 7-8 arms); R/r: mostly 4,5 (exceptionally 3,5-7), up to 520 mm in diameter (but usually smaller). Often coloured orange, but may vary between pale brown to violet.

Green Brittle Star
SKU: Green Brittle Star
Green Brittle Star Spending most of its time under rocks, the Green Brittle Star is a nocturnal detritivore. By day, you may see an appendage or two sticking out of the rockwork. At night, this Brittle Star will forage around the aquarium searching for food utilizing its long arms to grab tiny organisms.

Chocolate Chip Star - Protoreaster nodosus
Very popular for fish-only aquariums. They are brown, tan, orange, or black in color with black spots which resemble chocolate chips. Very hardy.

 Linckia Orange Starfish- Linckia sp.
These starfish grow to 6 inches in size and should be kept in very large aquariums. Linckia starfish consume bacterial films, and sponges. Because of this, they should be introduced into well established aquaria of no less than 1 year.
Price varies based on options.

Tiger Brittle Starfish
The Tiger Brittle Starfish (Ophiocoma sp.) is banded brown legs that typically alternate between tan and darker brown and are covered with short spines. The central disk is brown and may have some lighter markings.

Red Knob Sea Star, African
The African Red Knob Sea Star, also known as the Red Spine Star, African Sea Star, and Red-knobbed Starfish, has a thick, gray body with multiple bright red tubercles extending upward along each of its five arms. Red stripes connect these protrusions, giving its back the appearance of wires interconnecting in a grid-like fashion

Serpent Banded Starfish
In the home aquarium, it requires ample hiding places and plenty of room to roam. The Serpent Sea Star, Fancy Tiger Striped is best kept in larger systems, since it can grow to an impressive 1 foot in diameter from arm tip to arm tip.

Feather Starfish Red
Feather Starfish Red

Dalmation Linkia Fancy
SKU: Dalmation Linkia Fancy
Dalmation Linkia: Fancy - Linkia Multiflora

Bahama Starfish
SKU: Bahama Star Fish
The Bahama Sea Star is a hardy and popular starfish found in the Caribbean. Colorings vary from reds and oranges to light browns and greens.

Double Tile Starfish
SKU: Double Tile Starfish
Double Tile Starfish Tosia sp.

General Starfish; Color - Pentaceraster sp.
General Starfish; Color - Pentaceraster sp.