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submersible pumps & powerheads

submersible pumps & powerheads

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Taam Rio (Rio+) Powerhead/Pump
SKU: TAAMRIO-50-3100
Rio® & Rio Plus Aqua Pump/Powerheads provide a versatile water pumping system designed with high efficiency and reliability at lower cost. Designed with next-generation magnetic-rotor technology, Rio® & Rio Plus Aqua Pump/Powerheads offer the best high-performance solution in the aquarium industry.
Price varies based on options.
Maxspect Gyre XF330 DUAL Unit Package
Maxspect Gyre Pump XF330 (DUAL Pumps + Controller) Max Flow 2,350gph | 5~35 watts | 25-100+ gallons Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2 in.

Maxspect Gyre XF350 Flow Pump with Controller
Max Flow 5,280gph | 5~52 watts | 80-800+ gallons. Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 3/4 in.

Maxspect Gyre XF230-280 Generator Flow Pump with Advanced Controller
SKU: 0M07230
The Maxspect Gyre is the world`s first "gyre"- generating water moving device for aquariums. Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Gyre is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots in its wake.
Price varies based on options.

Icecap EVO Water Pump
SKU: EVO-1000-4000
IceCap EVO Pumps come in 6 sizes and are perfect for a variety of applications. They can be used as a return pump, provide flow to a media reactor, feed an algae scrubber, and more. They are compact, quiet, energy-efficient, and suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Price varies based on options.