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submersible-external pumps under 600 gph

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Taam Rio 6 HyperFlow Pump, 350 GPH
Description: The fully submersible Rio can be used with wet-dry filters, venturi protein skimmers, under gravel filtering systems, ponds and fountains in both fresh and salt water. Brand: TAAM Rio

LIFEGARD Sea Flow High Performance Pumps
SKU: LG-R1753
Features state of the art engineering
Price varies based on options.

Danner Pondmaster Pond-Mag 2 Magnetic Drive Water Pump, 250 gph
SKU: PD-DM02522
Description: Pond-Mag 2 pump, 250gph with 18 foot power cord. Brand: Danner Mfg., Supr.

Danner Pondmaster Pond-Mag 3 Magnetic Drive Water Pump, 350gph
SKU: PD-DM02523
Description: Pond-Mag 3 pump, 350gph with 18 foot power cord. Brand: Danner Mfg., Supr.

Danner Pondmaster Pond-Mag 5 Magnetic Drive Water Pump, 500gph
SKU: PD-DM02525
Description: Pond-Mag 5 pump, 500 gph. with 18 foot power cord. Brand: Danner Mfg., Supr.

HydroFill Ti ATO Pump
SKU: LRR-H2O-IM10528
Pair your auto top off with the industry's first low voltage air lift pump specifically designed for ATO controllers

LIFEGARD Sea Horse Pumps
SKU: LG-R175
Designed for maximum performance and economy.
Price varies based on options.

Sparus Pump
SKU: LG-348045-AQ
Sparus with Constant Flow Technology

Turbelle Stream 2 Pump
SKU: NAWS-TZ1333-35
They offer a lot of flexibility with respect to positioning and orientation of the water beam, which can be adjusted in such a way that an effective flow is produced over a long distance in the aquarium at lower power consumption.
Price varies based on options.

Turbelle 6125 Stream 2 Pump
The water which is drawn in passed through a giant intake strainer, and thus prevents premature soiling.

SEN Mid 75 Pump
SKU: WB-11075
Power: 5 watt, Max Head: 2.2 inches (65 cm), Max flow (out put): 75 GPH (286 LPH)

ViaAqua Economy Pump
Enhanced motor design and magnetic rotor technology makes these units energy efficient and silent, yet are powerful and reliable
Price varies based on options.

Lifegard PG Pumps
High performance energy-efficient pumps designed for use in Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls, Hydroponic Systems, Irrigation Systems and Water Features
Price varies based on options.