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Spotted Sweetlips - Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
SKU: SpottedSweetlips-07
The Spotted Sweetlips, also known as the Clown Sweetlips or Harlequin Sweetlips, changes color as it matures. As a juvenile, it has a brown base covered with large white dots with darker margins. As an adult, the body color changes to white with black dots.
Price varies based on options.

Striped Sweetlips
SKU: Striped Sweetlips
The Striped Sweetlips, also known as the Silver-banded Sweetlips, has a silver body with four dark brown horizontal stripes; the fins and the dorsal edge of the body are light yellow. Large dark spots also mark the fins.
Price varies based on options.

Painted Sweetlips
SKU: Painted Sweetlips
Adult Painted Sweetlips are slate grey coloured. The species occurs in the tropical Indo-West and Central Pacific.
Price varies based on options.