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SKU: BRS-210555
The Skimz MBR157 Macroalgae reactor is designed to be placed in any sump and includes a LED lighting system designed for algae growth. FREE SHIPPING!!!
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Rx-Z reactors have been designed with ease of use in mind. The acrylic lid settles into a seated o-ring, allowing for leak-free seal and effortless removal.
SKU: KL9111K-KL9115K
Price varies based on options.
Korallin BioDenitrator Nitrate Filter S-1502, S-3002 and S-4002 with Eheim Pumps.
INTRODUCING THE AQUAMAXX ZEO REACTOR With quality Zeolitic media packed inside the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor, you will create a more natural saltwater environment by removing any excess nutrients and organics from your aquarium water without removing vital trace elements. Brand:AQUAMAXX FREE SHIPPING!
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Zeolite-based probiotic filtration has gained a strong following over recent years and rightly so. By utilizing the nutrient processing traits of selective bacteria strains as well as a substrate facilitative to their metabolic needs, Zeolite-based probiotic filtration effectively creates Ultra Low Nutrient (ULN) conditions that most closely mimic reef environments. Vertex Rx-Z Reactors make bringing the advantages of this methodology home to your reef easier than ever.
SKU: vertextrxu
Price varies based on options.
The Vertex Rx-U Universal Media Reactor combines great performance for crystal clear results with solid construction, ease of use and easy maintenance.
SKU: AC-SZ-NM-12-02
Price varies based on options.
The Skimz E-Series Nitrate Reactor are filled with sulphur beads which serve as food and growth substrate for the anaerobic bacteria. FREE SHIPPING
SKU: bashsea-pellet-master
Price varies based on options.
The industries' leading bio pellet reactor used around the world
Price varies based on options.
Precision Marine Substrate Reactors Offer versatility and simplicity in their design. Hang on style or stand alone form 100 Gallon to 225 Gallon capacity.
Price varies based on options.
The new ZEOvit filter from Korallen Zucht is easily operated by double pumping and rotating the handle. FREE SHIPPING
SKU: SMZ-210554
The Skimz MBR127 Macroalgae reactor is designed to be placed in any sump and includes a LED lighting system designed for algae growth.
SKU: AM-35020
A cultivation unit for hatching larger quantities of artemia cysts.
CalcFeeder AC2 - for aquariums from 300 to 1400 liters
Price varies based on options.
These revolutionary and innovative calcium reactors are using the latest generation of optical sensors to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the reactor column.
They have a self-contained solution for supplying the reactor with water from the aquarium, and valve for adjusting the amount of effluent.
SKU: AF-94-19-29
Price varies based on options.
Recommended aquarium sizes are approximate. In many cases, single, double and triple capacity modules can be used with great success in higher volume applications.
$210.89 $179.89
Skimz Monzter ZM120 External Zeolith Reactor
SKU: AF-93-19-29
Price varies based on options.
SKU: 208158
Dual chambered agitators to eliminate jams and reduce wear, High precision CNC machined parts, Quality Georg Fischer pipe fittings, Functional design for reliable use
SKU: AF-92-19-29
Price varies based on options.
Provides the most stable temperature possible by recirculating aquarium water continuously around heater element.
Price varies based on options.
Octopus Light Reactor - LR150 & LR200
SKU: AM-41093-5
Price varies based on options.
For use in the aquarium or filter sump – Space-saving due to internal water supply
SKU: RO-OCT-BC120-170
Price varies based on options.
Promote the Use of the Organic carbon that produced by Microorganisms; Accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria;Help clarify the water in aquariums.
Description: Nitratefilter 200 nitrate reducer. Includes Eheim 1260 pump, double injector and 16 liters of sulpur bead media Brand: Schuran
Description: Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Hang on the aquarium or sump. New design with twist on top. Brand: Two Little Fishies

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