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Nitrate, Zeovit, Media Reactors

Nitrate, Zeovit, Media Reactors
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Aquamaxx TS-3 Sulfur Denitrator
Aquamaxx TS-3 Sulfur Denitrator

AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor 1L
INTRODUCING THE AQUAMAXX ZEO REACTOR With quality Zeolitic media packed inside the AquaMaxx Zeo Reactor,

Bashsea Media Chamber
SKU: bashsea-media-chamber
The Bashsea Media Chamber provides the largest media capacity in the industry. Extra large design allows for high media volumes, while producing even flow to maximize water-media contact time.
Price varies based on options.

Lifegard Turbo Reactors
SKU: LA-R8000
The internal mechanism provides a unique anti-clumping spiral flow that maximizes the media contact time as well as greater flow through the media. Resulting in an accelerated chemical and biological filtration to quickly remove nitrates, Phosphates, Slime Algae and other nuisance algae for a marine or freshwater aquarium.
Price varies based on options.

ZEOvit Magnetic Reactor (2L) (4L) - Korallen-Zucht
The new ZEOvit filter from Korallen Zucht is easily operated by double pumping and rotating the handle. FREE SHIPPING
Price varies based on options.

Bashsea Pellet Master
SKU: bashsea-pellet-master
The industries' leading bio pellet reactor used around the world
Price varies based on options.

Slow Flow Resin Media Reactor- Hmahli
SKU: 250314
Slow Flow Resin Media Reactor- Hmahli

Lifegard Aquatics Mechanical Filter Modules
SKU: AF-94-19-29
Recommended aquarium sizes are approximate. In many cases, single, double and triple capacity modules can be used with great success in higher volume applications.
Price varies based on options.

AquaMaxx JZR-1 Zeolite Reactor
SKU: 250252-AQUMXX
AquaMaxx JZR-1 Zeolite Reactor

Lifegard Aquatics Chemical Filter Modules
SKU: AF-93-19-29
Price varies based on options.

PhosBan Reactor 150 from Two Little Fishies
Description: Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Hang on the aquarium or sump. New design with twist on top. Brand: Two Little Fishies


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