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 Flame Hawkfish
SKU: Flame Hawkfish
The Flame Hawkfish, also known as the Brilliant Hawkfish, has a bright red body with dark markings along the dorsal fin and around the eyes.
Price varies based on options.

Falco Hawkfish
SKU: Falco Hawkfish
A 30 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of hiding places is acceptable for this hardy and aggressive fish. It should not be kept with larger more aggressive hawkfish.
Price varies based on options.

Spotted Hawkfish
The Spotted Hawkfish, also known as the Threadfin Hawkfish or Blotched Hawkfish, has a white body with large red blotches.

Longnose Hawkfish
This wonderful fish has a red checkerboard pattern on its white body. The nose is very long and apparently used to locate its prey from reef crevices.
Price varies based on options.

Red Hawkfish
SKU: Red Hawkfish
The Red Hawkfish, also known as the Soaring, Swallowtail, or Lyretail Hawkfish, has a mottled orange to red body. Its lyre-shaped tail sets it apart from most of the other hawkfish in appearance.

Forster's Hawkfish
SKU: Forster's Hawkfish
A 70 gallon or larger aquarium is necessary for this fish. It hunts crustaceans and smaller fish, and it should be the last fish introduced to a semi-aggressive to aggressive community of fish.
Price varies based on options.

Hawaiian Hawkfish
SKU: Hawaiian Hawkfish
Hawaiian Hawkfish

Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish
SKU: Geometric
They require a saltwater aquarium of at least 30 gallons with plenty of live rock for hiding and feeding. They may become aggressive towards other bottom dwelling fish like gobies and blennies.

GOLDEN HAWK ( JAPAN ) SIZE 3-4 INCH The Golden Hawkfish, Cirrhitichthys aureus, is also known as the Yellow Hawkfish, Japanese Yellow Hawkfish, or Golden Curlyfin. The Golden Hawkfish is a deep gold/yellow color with various light brown splotches across its body.

Arceye Hawkfish
The Arceye Hawkfish is orangish-pink with a white line down the body and a bright orange ring, with a bluish border around the back of the eye.

Freckle Hawkfish
This larger species is very hardy and and excellent choice for an aggressive community setting.