free shipping on livestock over $349

Livestock Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do you have the item or items I want to order in stock? Also when will my order ship if I place an order ? OR WHATS MY ORDER STATUS ?

NO NEED TO EVER ASK IF WE HAVE AN ITEM IN STOCK OR IF WE HAVE A CERTAIN SIZE. 96% of all orders ship within 1 week. We no longer use the email me when available button, if the item in question shows orderable then you can place the order and your order will go into a queue, we work on first come first serve basis, we process all livestock orders on Monday not including live rock, if the item or items you ordered are available for processing we will call you to discuss order INCLUDING SIZE AVAILABLE and go over shipping details. If we cannot reach you by phone after 2-3 attempts then we will also email you that the item or items are available and confirm you still want ? If you do not hear from us on Monday then that means the item or items are not available and you will stay on wait list and we will call you when items are available, if you no longer want the item when it becomes available we can cancel the order and there is nothing to refund since we have not taken any funds yet. WE SHIP ALL LIVESTOCK ORDERS ON TUES WEDS & THURS VIA UPS and Fedex PRIORITY OVERNIGHT.

Q. What is my order status ? 

ANS. We will call you in regards to your order when we have the items you ordered available, no need to ask the status because it will always be pending until we contact you, we will not give any ETA. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ASKING STATUS OF ORDER OR CALL ASKING FOR STATUS AS WE WILL ONLY ANSWER WITH SAME ANSWER AS IS IN THIS STATEMENT.


Q. Am i being charged anything while i am on a wait list ?

ANS. NO we do not collect any payment until we have called and confirmed that you still want the items ordered, then we process payment and get order ready to ship. When placing an order & paying by credit card your card is only authorized for payment and if paying with Pay Pal we will send request for payment when items on order are available and we confirm you still want the item.

Q. I placed an order for dry goods but have not received any phone call or request for payment, why not ?

ANS. If you have not heard from us by phone or email after placing a dry goods order then that means the item is on backorder, you will be placed in a queue on a waitlist, we will contact you by phone and or email once item becomes available for you, and if you still want the item we will then collect payment. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL ASKING THE STATUS OF YOUR ORDER ? IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM US THEN THE STATUS HAS NOT CHANGED.

Q. Are you open still due to covid?

ANS. yes we never shut down and have been diving and packing as normal.

Q. When do you ship fish coral and inverts?

We ship all fish coral live rock and inverts on tues weds and thurs and we will notify you by email once the order ships with your tracking info.

Q. Do you quarantine your fish?

. Yes all livestock is quarantined for minimum of 72 hours or longer depending on the species, WE DO NOT USE COPPER OR ANY OTHER CHEMICALS IN OUR HOLDING TANKS.

Q. Do you ship sick or unhealthy fish?

. Absolutely not, our fish must go through a 3 stage QC. Process before packing that verifies that the fish is eating, has no visible defects or markings and is in a healthy state.

Q. My fish were shipped overnight but did not arrive overnight will they be okay?

. We pack all livestock to sustain for 48 hours so do not stress if they arrive delayed, if they do not arrive alive we will refund accordingly. Refer to our Terms and conditions page.

Q. Why am I being charged shipping for livestock orders?

. We offer free shipping on all livestock orders of $349 or more, but we need to charge a flat rate of $103.89 for orders under $349 to cover our costs for packing and overnight shipping.

Q. Do you have the Famous Florida Cherry Primo Decorator live rock in stock?

. No, we never have that live rock on hand, everything we dive and collect is shipped out after each dive, typically there is a 1-2 week wait or longer, however we will update you on availability and shipping cost quote once order is placed, we will call to go over the order.

Q. Do you ship live rock and fish or dry goods together ?

ANS. No, live rock will always ship on its own with its own shipping rate, and we never combine with any other items that you may order including fish coral and inverts.

Q. Do you ship the Florida rock or any live rock submerged in water?

ANS. No we do not, this method is not advisable, we did try this method several years ago however the life rock on the Florida rock did not fare as well due to ammonia and ph issues, also box and packing issues with shipping weight and water leakage is also a major issue with shipping carriers, shipping the rock wrapped with wet towels works best as this method has shown us that there is very little die off if any and we have been using this method for over 20 years now.

Q. Contacting us?

ANS. Our phones are very difficult to get through on as they stay very busy, if you are trying to call us for any reason please leave a voice message,that will get you the fastest response back. YOU ONLY NEED TO CALL OR EMAIL ONCE, CALLING OUR PHONE LINES OVER AND OVER WILL NOT GET YOU ANY QUICKER RESPONSE. We promise we will get back to you.

Q. Can you send me a video or picture of a fish or coral I want?

. No unfortunately due to Covid 19 our warehouse are only allowed limited staff now and we just cannot justify this at this time.

Q. I did not get an email when I placed my order or any tracking info.

Please check your spam or junk email as sometimes it will be there and need to be marked not spam.

Q. If I live in Florida can I place an order and come pick it up?

. NO, we have not been open to local pickup or walk in traffic for over 20 years now, but whats nice is ups ground shipping is guaranteed overnight anywhere in the state except Pensacola and the keys so ground shipping will be very cheap, about a dollar a pound on ups ground shipping.

Q. Should I place another order if I haven’t heard from you guys in awhile about an order I already placed?

. NO please do not unless its an order for something different than the order you already placed, it just creates more work for us to have to cancel a duplicate order. we will never just cancel your order, you probably have not heard from us about your current order for awhile because we don’t have the items available for you yet.

Q. Should I call and check on the status of my livestock order?

. No we will call you when we have the items available for you. We will not be able to give you an ETA.

Q. Do you ship to Alaska, Canada or Puerto Rico ?

Ans.We do ship to Alaska on all products however we only ship dry good orders to Canada and we do not ship to Puerto Rico at this time.

Still have questions? You can call or email us however our phones stay very busy and can be hard to get through on, so just leave a voice message if you do not get an answer and we will call you back as soon as we can.