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SKU: Metallic Foxface Rabbitfish
Price varies based on options.
The Metallic Foxface Rabbitfish is from the Indo-Pacific region of the ocean. Metallic Foxface Rabbitfish are peaceful by nature, but you should be wary as they are poisonous. These fish are easy to care for, as long as you do the proper research on them.
SKU: Gold Rabbitfish
Price varies based on options.
he Golden Rabbitfish is found in coral-dense and seagrass areas of reefs and lagoons. Juveniles are commonly observed in small schools among corals or seagrass beds. Adults are most commonly observed in pairs around Acropora corals.
SKU: Fiji Foxface Rabbitfish
Price varies based on options.
The Fiji Foxface rabbitfish is sometimes called the Badgerfish, but that name usually refers to Siganus virgatus, so the name Foxface is usually used in the trade. Some local fish stores may simply call them Yellow Rabbitfish The Foxface rabbitfish are active fish, although easily frightened. They come out of the Pacific Ocean, although not overly popular near Hawaii.
SKU: Black Foxface Rabbit fish
Price varies based on options.
Black Foxface Rabbitfish EXTREMELY RARE!! Imported from Tonga
SKU: Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
Price varies based on options.
The Gold Spotted Rabbitfish, also known as the Gold Spotted Spinefoot, originates from the reefs of the Coral Sea. The body of this Rabbitfish is brown and is covered in many beautiful golden spots. The spots even work their way into the eye of this fish, which aids in its camouflage.

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