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refractometers, hydrometers, & salinity meters

refractometers, hydrometers, & salinity meters
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Red Sea Hydrometer with integrated digital thermometer
SKU: RED-12010
Continuous or periodic reading of specific gravity for saltwater aquariums Accurate measurement of specific gravity Easy to read digital thermometer User friendly patented design The most basic water quality parameter in a saltwater aquarium is the Salinity.

Deep Six Hydrometer
The re-designed deep six hydrometer with improved calibration and bubble diffuser ensures more accurate readings of your aquarium salt levels.

SALINTEST Hand Held Salinity Meter Hanna Digital
SKU: DI-HI98203
Description: The SALINTEST, a Hand Held Digital Salinity Meter can help you monitor the concentration of sodium chloride, assuring high surety in aquaculture systems. Brand: Hanna Digital Ins.

Certified Salinity Hydrometer Lamotte
SKU: SL-LM3-0011
Description: LaMotte Salinity Hydrometer is a precision specific gravity hydrometer for salinity measurement that is Certified in accordance to NIST laboratory testing standards. Brand: LaMotte

Milwaukee Refractometer with ATC
Description: Milwaukee Refractometer with ATC (automatic temperature compensation) for accurate salinity (saltwater) measurements. Brand: Milwaukee

Salinity Refractometer
Maintaining the correct salinity in man-made marine or reef ecosystems is important to the health of its inhabitants

Hydrometer Jar 500 mL, Lamotte
SKU: SL-LM3-0024
Description: LaMotte Hydrometer Jar, molded clear plastic 500 mL cylinder with a broad base for good stability. The clear, durable (PMP) cylinder is never slippery, even when wet. Brand: LaMotte