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6 Way Switch Toggle Box for Apex Controller - Adaptive Reef
SKU: LRR-214050
The Adaptive Reef 6 Way Toggle Switch Box works directly with the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers to add on mechanical switches which can be used for numerous control functions in the aquarium. Mechanical toggle switches provide fast and convenient access to customizable functions such as turning off a pump during a water change or switching cabinet lights on, without the need to access the controller’s menus. The toggle box has two protected toggle switches and four push-button switches which can trigger your programmed settings.

Apex Display Module
The AquaDisplay features a sleek and stylish case with 7 mechanical buttons for a speedy and flexible user interface. It displays datalog graphs with 4 highly customizable status displays. The 128 x 64 graphical backlight display has user adjustable contrast and backlight settings.

EB832 Energy Bar 832 - Neptune Systems
SKU: LRR-210221
The Energy Bar 832 has been completely redesigned, with more robust outlets, individual LEDs show the status of each outlet, per outlet power consumption, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the Energy Bar 832 saving room, and eliminating messy cords keeping your tanks equipment looking perfect.

Neptune Systems Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor
Par Sensor for your aquarium or algae pond! Measure the light that actually reaches your fish or algae!