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T5 Bulbs and Fixtures

T5 Bulbs and Fixtures

T5 Bulbs and Fixtures

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Giesemann Futura LED Fixture (Irridium)
The Giesemann Futura High Powered LED Fixture provides UNRIVALLED Control and Performance. Available in 5 common aquarium lengths.
Price varies based on options.

Giesemann Infinity HQI Metal Halide / T5 Fixture
The Giesemann Infinity is the ideal high performance aquarium lighting fixture with refined anti-glare control and the introduction of high performance quad T5 fluorescent lighting which works in conjunction with powerful metal halide technology.
Price varies based on options.

Giesemann Stellar T5 Hybrid LED Retro Fixture
Looking to combine your favorite LED light module with highly efficient T5 lights in one stylish Giesemann fixture? If so, the Giesemann STELLAR Hybrid T5/LED Light Fixture is the perfect solution for you!
Price varies based on options.

Giesemann Matrixx II T5 Fixture (Iridium)
The Giesemann MATRIXX T5 fixture offers an attractive mix of high-level output, value, and impressive elegance. Available in a Bluetooth controllable MATRIXX DIMTEC DIMMABLE T5 fixture
Price varies based on options.