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Angel Fish

Angel Fish
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Coral Beauty Angelfish (Centropyge bispinosa)
The Coral Beauty's color is absolutely stunning under aquarium lighting. Most happy in a tank with live rock, where it can swim through rock formations ,picking and looking for food.
Price varies based on options.

Flame Angelfish
SKU: Flame Angelfish
The Flame Angelfish is a flashy addition to many aquariums. One of the most popular of the dwarf angelfish, the Flame Angelfish is a bold red/orange color with vertical black stripes highlighting the body and horizontal black stripes along the caudal portions of the blue-tipped dorsal and anal fins.
Price varies based on options.

Imperator Angel: Juv - Pomacanthus imperator
The body of the juvenile is a dark bluish black. It has a light blue line near the tail with a white circle around it. This white circle is surrounded by alternating light blue and white incomplete circles.
Price varies based on options.

Queen Angel  (ADULT)
The queen angelfish may live up to 15 years in the wild. Queen angelfish inhabit reefs and are common near Florida, the Bahamas, and the Gulf of Mexico.
Price varies based on options.

French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru)
SKU: Frenchangel
The French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) is easily confused with the closely related Grey Angel (Pomacanthus arcuatus). Pomacanthus paru has not been evaluated for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
Price varies based on options.

Emperor Angel Adult
The adult fish is blue and decorated with close-set horizontal yellow stripes on the sides and the adjoining dorsal and anal fins.
Price varies based on options.

Bellus Angel Female Indo
The Bellus Angel is a stunning addition to a community tank or a reef tank. This species is sexually dimorphic, meaning the male and female are distinctly different in appearance.
Price varies based on options.

Central America Passer Angel
It is one of, if not THE hardiest of angels. They eat great, are highly adaptable and are likely to live longer than any angelfish you'll find.
Price varies based on options.

Blueface Angelfish Adult (Pomacanthus xanthometopon)
SKU: BFCEAngel-08
The Blueface Angelfish occurs in the Indo-Pacific,inhabits lagoon, channels and outer reef slopes with prolific algae growth.
Price varies based on options.

Annularis Angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis)
SKU: AnnularisAngl-09
The Annularis is also called the Bluering Angelfish, Pomacanthus annularis, is an angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae, found in the Indo-West Pacific oceans.
Price varies based on options.

Blue Angel
SKU: ATL Blue Angel
The Blue Angelfish may also be referred to as the Common Angelfish. Similar to the Queen Angelfish, the Blue Angelfish has an overall aqua hue with a yellow shimmer and yellow edges on the fins and scales.
Price varies based on options.

Flagfin Angelfish
SKU: Flagfin Angelfish
The Flagfin Angelfish, also referred to as the Threespot Angelfish, is a brilliant yellow with blue lips, a dark blue-black dorsal spot where the head joins the body, and a light tan spot behind the eye.
Price varies based on options.

Black/Gray Angelfish
SKU: Black/Gray Angelfish
The adult Gray Black Angelfish, which may also be called the Gray Angelfish, has a gray body with dusky blue polka-dots and the same dusky blue highlights on the caudal, dorsal, and anal fins.
Price varies based on options.

Lemonpeel Angel; Fiji - Centropyge flavissima
A beautiful fish, the Lemonpeel Angelfish is a bright yellow with striking blue highlights on the lips,around the eyes, on the pectoral fins, and the tips of the dorsal, caudal, and anal fins.
Price varies based on options.

Goldflake Angelfish (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus)
The Goldflake Angelfish, also known as the Gold-spangled Angelfish, displays beautiful gold spots throughout the body.
Price varies based on options.

Lamarck Angel: Genicanthus lamarck
SKU: Lamarcks-Angelfish
The Lamarck's angelfish (Genicanthus Lamarck) is not the showiest angelfish, but what it may lack in flare, it more than makes up for in general hardiness and reef appropriateness.
Price varies based on options.

Golden Pygmy Angel
SKU: Golden Pygmy Angel
The Golden Pygmy Angel (Centropyge aurantia) has a rust-colored orange-red body with golden vertical stripes and a dark ring around each eye. It is a fairly uncommon angel and is not available often.
$159.89 $129.89

Eiblis Angel
SKU: Eiblis Angel
The Red Stripe Angelfish is known by many names including the Eibl's Angelfish, Eibl's Pygmy Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, Blacktail Angelfish, and Eibl's Dwarf Angel. Its pearlescent body is highlighted with several vertical, evenly-spaced orange to red stripes.

Potters Angel; Haw. - Centropyge potteri
SKU: PottersAnlfish-09
The Potter's Angelfish, or Potter's Pygmy Angelfish, is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands area, including the Johnston Atoll. The body is a brilliant orange, marbleized with pale to dark blue.
Price varies based on options.

Multicolor Pygmy Angelfish
SKU: Multicolor Pygmy Angelfish
The Multicolor Angelfish, also known as the Pastel Pygmy Angelfish or Many-colored Angelfish, is pale peach-orange to yellow. Black speckles on a background of blue highlight an area just behind the eyes.

Biocolor Angel
One of the most striking of the dwarf or pygmy angelfish is a terrific fish for either a reef or fish-only tank and has a peaceful disposition.
Price varies based on options.

Blueline Angel Fish
SKU: blueline
Blueline Angelfish are a highly attractive and colorful species that are endemic to tropical reefs around Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. FREE SHIPPING!
Price varies based on options.

Orange Tail Emperor Angelfish
Other Common Names: Imperator Angelfish
Price varies based on options.

Majestic Angel
SKU: Majest-Angl
The Majestic Angelfish is one of the more mellow large angelfish and usually does not display aggression towards its tankmates.
Price varies based on options.

Koran Angelfish Adult-Pomacanthus semicirculatus
The hardy Koran Angelfish is one of the favorites! This beautiful specimen is perfect for the fish only aquarium. Juveniles adapt better to captivity, although adults will usually adapt as well with a little more time.
Price varies based on options.