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AquaticLife Stand Light Fixture Hanger

Extending arms allow suspension of light fixtures over aquariums up to 30 inches tall, adjustable mounting plates allow for use on a wide variety of furniture sizes

Price varies based on options.
Non-Woven White Filter Pad

Micro-pore design allows water to flow trhough the pad effectively polishing the water.

Price varies based on options.
RO Junior Three Stage System

The RO Junior provides up to 100 GPD of economically filtered Reverse Osmosis water, removing harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap w...

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator w/ Solenoid Valve

CO2 Regulator with Integrated Solenoid Valve This compact footprint CO2 Regulator uses a rear mount to the cylinder, keeping the gauges upfront and easy-to-read. BRAND:Aqu...

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid

Description CO2 Regulator Specifications: Bottle Pressure Gauge: 3,500 PSI Max Reduced Pressure Gauge: 140 PSI Max Electronic Solenoid: 120 Volts Power Cord: 2 Meters B...

Aquatic Life Filter Cartridges


Price varies based on options.
AquaticLife 60 and 100 GPD Membranes

Polyamide membrane material with a negative charge removes harmful substances.

Price varies based on options.
Polyethylene Tubing
Polyethylene Tubing

AquaticLife Standard 1/4" RO size. Non-toxic and safe for marine and planted aquariums.

Price varies based on options.
Aquatic Life Utility Pumps

These AquaticLife utility pumps are designed for marine filtration applications.

Price varies based on options.
Non-Woven Filter Sock
Non-Woven Filter Sock

Designed for easy suspension in sumps and refugiums. Non-woven synthetic fiber effectively traps small dirt particles.

Price varies based on options.
 Bonded Blue Filter Pad

Porous, dual-layer deisgn allows ample water flow through the pad as waste is collected.

AquaticLife 115 Mini Protein Skimmer

Effectively removes organic waste in aquariums up to 30 gallons! Compact size makes this skimmer ideal for mini-reef aquariums.

AquaticLife 150W HID T5 HO 4 Lunar

Easily spotlight corals and anemones with directional 150 watt (HID) High Intensity Discharge 10,000K lamps while providing actinic light with 420/460 nm T5 HO lamps and lunar...

Price varies based on options.
AquaticLife 12IN 1-150W DE HID

Proper lighting for small marine tanks has never been easier!

Price varies based on options.
AquaticLife T5 HO 2 Lamp Link Marine

Link up to three fixtures together to form a 4-lamp or 6-lamp fixture!

Price varies based on options.
RO Buddies Three Stage Sytems

The Aquatic Life RO Buddie 50 GPD and 100 GPD 3-stage reverse osmosis (RO) systems feature unbelievable affordability and functionality, all in a very compact design. Designed...

Price varies based on options.
Hybrid T5 Light Fixture with LED Mounting System - Aquatic Life

Many reef aquarists want to mix high-output fluorescent T5 tubes with modern LED reef lighting to capture the brilliant color rendition of T5 lamps and retain the powerful out...

Price varies based on options.
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