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SKU: Purple Pygmy Anthias
Price varies based on options.
An amazing Anthias with vibrant colors of Orange, pink, yellow, and purple, this is one of the most common of the Anthias. They are reef safe, do well in groups and are peaceful. Diet: Being a planktivore, it likes to eat mysid shrimp, amphipods and other macroscopic life.
Price varies based on options.
The Bartletts Anthias dwells in the middle of a tank but appreciates the availability of several hiding places.
Price varies based on options.
The Pink square anthias is the largest of the anthias family.They can attain a size of 4-5 inches and should be housed in at least a 75 gallon tank.
SKU: Purple Queen anthias
Price varies based on options.
Purple Queen Anthias, Pseudanthias tuka, is commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Anthias are also commonly called Fairy Basslets in some parts of the country. Their gorgeous flowing fins no doubt inspired the Fairy reference and the Basslet portion of the name recognizes that they are the little cousins of Sea Basses and Groupers.
SKU: Tiger Queen Anthias
Price varies based on options.
The Lori's Anthias was identified just 25 years ago. Also known as the Queen Tiger or Tiger Queen Anthias, it is often found in the wild swimming in deep water with other Pseudanthias
SKU: Blotched-anthias
The Blotched Anthias is a true treasure for both reef aquarists and anthias enthusiasts alike. This coveted deep water anthias has generated a near cult-like following due to its magnificent coloration and sporadic availability in the aquarium trade.
SKU: Sunburst Anthias Fatheads
Price varies based on options.
The Fathead or Sunburst Anthias lives either solitarily or in a small haremic group, mainly under overhangs or in caves. Another plus relative to its close relations is this species aquarium hardiness. Given some easy provisions, this can be a gorgeous addition to most any peaceful reef system.
Price varies based on options.
The Dispar Anthias is also known as the Redfin Anthias, Peach Anthias, and the Madder Seaperch.
SKU: lyretail anthias
Price varies based on options.
The Lyretail Anthias is the social butterfly of marine aquariums. This eye-catching fish is incredibly active and helps draw out shier fish that share the aquarium. The Lyretail Anthias is also known as the Scalefin and the males have bright red coloration of varying hues while the female Lyretail Anthias tends to be more orange in coloration.
The Princess Anthias sports a rich, sapphire pink coloration beautifully accentuated with golden-yellow flecks that immediately captures the eye.
The Carberry Anthias is a stunning fish also known under the name Threadfin anthias.The Carberry Anthias has a yellow body with a purple field that stretches over the lower half of the body from the upper part of its head to the bottom of the tailfin.
Price varies based on options.
The Hutchii Anthias is also referred to as the Green or Sea Goldie Anthias. They normally inhabit shallow reef faces and drop offs and originates within the reefs of the Solomon Islands.
Cook Islands Ventralis Anthias Male SIZE 1-3 INCHES
SKU: bimaculatus-anthias
Price varies based on options.
The Bimaculatus Anthias requires high quality water conditions and a large swimming space in captivity. It should be provided with live rock for shelter. Its tankmates should be peaceful. This species will not acclimate well in aquaria with aggressive species and may hide for several days upon first introduction to a home aquarium.
SKU: Evansi Anthias
Price varies based on options.
A bright and colorful marine fish, the Evansi Anthias is also known as the Yellowtail Goldie or Evan's Anthias. It is predominantly violet, the flanks are sprinkled with yellow dots, and an orange line runs laterally from nose to pectoral fin.
SKU: Yellow anthias Female
Price varies based on options.
As the name implies, the males of this species have a large pink spot or square on the side of the body. The females are orangeish and lack the square blotch of the male. This species should be housed in a large aquarium with plenty of swimming room.
Ventralis Anthias: Female - Pseudanthias ventralis
Price varies based on options.
These are one of the hardier of the Anthias and make a wonderful addition to the saltwater reef or fish only aquarium.

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