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Bashsea Sumps Ultra Rose Bubble Anemone
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SKU: Blue Spot Jawfish
This burrowing species is a favorite among aquarists. Though not as frequently available as many other jawfish, this species is sought for its attractive metallic blue spotting and outgoing personality.
SKU: Pearly Head Jawfish
This delicate burrowing species is a favorite among aquarists. Will construct an intricate burrow with reef sand and coral rubble and will fascinate you for hours. May do well in a small colony and has been noted to spawn in captivity.
SKU: Moustache Jawfish
The head and body of the Moustache Jawfish, also known as the Black Cap Jawfish, are green and orange. It has an orange stripe above the mouth, resembling a moustache.
SKU: BC-1212
This entertaining burrower will give many hours of entertainment as it builds it’s burrow from various pieces of rock, rubble and sand. May even choose a flat rock as a roof and build on to that.
SKU: Bullseye Jawfish
Generally brownish with 3-4 longitudinal dark stripes on side and scattered elongate white blotches and spots giving appearance of broken wavy stripes; dorsal fin black, with irregular white lines and a prominent ocellus at front; no obvious color inside mouth.
The Red Headed Jawfish is a cute fish with a great personality and are playful and like to people watch, very moderately hardy. It tends to be shy and is best kept with other docile fish.

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