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Blue Spot Jawfish; Mexico - Opistoganthus sp.
SKU: BlueSpot-Jawfish
This burrowing species is a favorite among aquarists. Though not as frequently available as many other jawfish, this species is sought for its attractive metallic blue spotting and outgoing personality.

Moustache Jawfish - Opistognathus sp.
The head and body of the Moustache Jawfish, also known as the Black Cap and Tiger Jawfish, are green and orange. It has an orange stripe above the mouth, resembling a moustache.

Pearly Jawfish; Atl. - Opistognathus aurifons
This delicate burrowing species is a favorite among aquarists. Will construct an intricate burrow with reef sand and coral rubble and will fascinate you for hours. May do well in a small colony and has been noted to spawn in captivity.

Bullseye Jawfish
SKU: Bullseye Jawfish
Generally brownish with 3-4 longitudinal dark stripes on side and scattered elongate white blotches and spots giving appearance of broken wavy stripes; dorsal fin black, with irregular white lines and a prominent ocellus at front; no obvious color inside mouth.

Red Headed Jawfish
The Red Headed Jawfish is a cute fish with a great personality and are playful and like to people watch, very moderately hardy. It tends to be shy and is best kept with other docile fish.