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CO2 regulators and Solenoids

CO2 regulators and Solenoids
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Milwaukee CO2 Regulator Needle / Solenoid Valve
CO2 Regulator with needle valve, solenoid valve, and bubble counter. Dual gauge regulator displays output pressure and bottle pressure. Standard American CO2 bottle connection. Brand:Milwaukee

CO2 Regulator (Standard), Red Sea
SKU: CO-RS51040
Description: CO2 Regulator with dual gauges and independent Needle Valve for regular CO2 cylinders, Red Sea. Brand: Red Sea

Pressure Regulator 7077/3 for CO2
Tunze Dual-gauge CO2 regulator assembly (7077/3)

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator w/ Solenoid Valve
SKU: AK01018
CO2 Regulator with Integrated Solenoid Valve This compact footprint CO2 Regulator uses a rear mount to the cylinder, keeping the gauges upfront and easy-to-read. BRAND:AquaticLife

AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid
SKU: AK01217
Description CO2 Regulator Specifications: Bottle Pressure Gauge: 3,500 PSI Max Reduced Pressure Gauge: 140 PSI Max Electronic Solenoid: 120 Volts Power Cord: 2 Meters Bottle Connection: Female CGA 320 CO2 Line-Out Connection: 1/4" Compression Fine Adjustment: Needle Valve BRAND:AquaticLife

Milwaukee CO2 Solenoid Valve
SKU: MA955
Milwaukee CO2 Solenoid Valve, MA955

CO2 Controller 7074
The pH controller precisely monitors the pH of the aquarium and opens or closes the CO2 valve as needed to ensure precise dosing of CO2. The 12 Volt CO2 valve is nickel-coated to prevent against corrosion. Great for use with calcium reactors or freshwater CO2 injection systems.