Bashsea Sumps Ultra Rose Bubble Anemone
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Rainbow rose bubble anemone
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SKU: real-reef-rock
Price varies based on options.
Real Reef Rock is our standard reef building rock. It comes in a variety of sizes from small to show size custom. It is very light, porous and full of holes and crevices.
SKU: real-reef-branch
Price varies based on options.
Real Reef Branch Rock is our version of the Tonga Branch rock that use to be imported from the Kingdom of Tonga for many years, before getting banned for destructive collection practices.
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Price varies based on options.
Pukani Dry Rock ONLY 4.89 PER LB WITH FREE GROUND SHIPPING!!!!! LRNR Pukani Dry Aquarium Rock is the lightest and most porous dry rock in the industry, full of holes that become nice homes and passage ways for your tank's inhabitants. Low initial cost on premium rock - Pound for pound it is lower cost as it is dry rock and does not have to be shipped underwater. It can be shipped via standard UPS/FEDEX ground which saves on shipping. This rock does come out of the ocean and may have some dead material on it such as sponges or other critters. Soaking or curing the rock before use in an established aquarium is recommended. Dry Pukani live rock is not available for shipment to Canada or internationally due to high permit fees. Sold by the pound. Pukani is available in a wide variety of sizes.
Price varies based on options.
This rock is full of holes ,crakes, crevices lots of places for the fish to hide or other marine inverts. The holes are good also for fragging small corals.
SKU: real-reef-shelf-rock
Price varies based on options.
Real Reef Shelf Rock is our version of the shelf or slab rock that is imported from Tonga and GMP
Price varies based on options.
This dry rock is cultured in the waters of Fiji and is infused with living bacteria spores and needs no curing, can be placed directly in aquarium.
SKU: SS-CS00370
Description: CaribSea South Seas Lace Rock 40 lbs, has much more structure than any other commonly available aquascaping rock and is much more porous than others as well Brand: CaribSea
SKU: SS-CS00325
Price varies based on options.
Caribsea Reef Rock
SKU: caribsea-rock
Price varies based on options.
It is safe for all fish and inverts, and is an aragonitic base material (does not contain cement), requires no curing, and is infused with spored, live bacteria.
ECO Shelf rock 50 pound box
Don’t just put rocks in your tank, ROCK YOUR REEF with LifeRock™ “Belize Branch”! Spectacular branches make a reef tank go from nice to WOW!
SKU: LRR-CS00377
Great For: Reef Aquariums, Marine Aquariums, African Cichlids Aquariums and Brackish Aquariums.
SKU: LRR-CS00381
Remember what live rock used to look like? Dramatic shapes. rugged, porous, and bursting with pink and purple coralline algae? Nothing could match the magnificent live rock flown in from remote Pacific reefs, until now, with LifeRock Shapes.

Cherry Picked Decorator Rock
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