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Ocellaris Clowns
The Ocellaris, or False Percula Clownfish is the most popular clownfish species in the marine aquarium hobby. These classic fish have brightly colored orange bodies with white stripes and thin black outlines.
Price varies based on options.

True Percula Clown
SKU: True Percula Clown
The True Percula Clownfish is the fish most people picture when they imagine a marine aquarium.

Tanked Raise Black Ocellaris
The Black Ocellaris is a stunning color morph of A. ocellaris that is sometimes referred to as the Darwin False Percula. This is a naturally occurring variation for the species with a very limited range.

Phantom Clown Fish
SKU: PC-01
We are proud to present to you Sea & Reefs Phantom Clownfish. This designer clownfish is jaw dropping gorgeous.
$129.99 $99.99

Black Ice
SKU: Black Ice
Similiar to the Snowflakes, Black Ice are the resultant cross between our Premium Snowflakes and Black Ocellaris.

Clarkii Clown: Captive Bred - Amphiprion clarki
Full grown Clarkii Clownfish can reach a size of about 4 inches, and are territorial when full grown. This is a species easily cared for in aquariums and will accept a wide variety of foods.

Black Storm Clownfish
Instead of the golden coloration and swirly patterns of the MochaVincis, this single fish displayed an exaggerated white pattern that had more straight lines.
Price varies based on options.

The Sea & Reef Naked Clownfish, aka the No-Stripe False Percula, is a variation of A. ocellaris that simply has no stripes at all.

ORA  Picasso
ORA Picassos are a highly sought after variant of the Percula Clownfish. These beautiful fish exhibit extra white mainly on their center stripe. Each individual fish is unique and hand-selected by our experienced graders.

Snow Storm Clownfish
Our Snow Storm Clownfish is our newest strain based on our Black Storm Clownfish. We created the Snow Storm Clownfish by breeding one of our Black Storm Clownfish with one of our Phantom Clownfish.

ORA Cinnamon Clown
They have a black saddle on a red body, yellow or orange dorsal, ventral and caudal fins and a blue head stripe. In juveniles the head stripe is white. As adults, they are one of the most multi-colored clownfish.
Price varies based on options.

ORA Certified Snowflake Clownfish
SKU: ORA Certified Snowflake Clownfish
Snowflakes are a popular variant of A. ocellaris that have a considerable amount of irregular white markings on the body. The edges of the white coloration will typically be jagged and angular.

Black Percula Clown (AUSTR) CAPTIVE BRED
SKU: Black Percula Clown (AUSTR)
The Black and White Percula Clownfish, also called the Black Percula or Black Perc is very distinctive with its jet-black body and three bluish-white bands on each side. A very good candidate for a reef aquarium

True Percula Clown TR
Tank Raised True Percula clown fish

ORA Saddleback Clown
This unique clownfish grows only a partial center stripe, which is saddle shaped, hence the name Saddleback Clownfish.

Orange Storm Clownfish
The Orange Storm Clownfish is a Sea & Reef signature designer Clownfish. It is the third designer clownfish in our Storm line
Price varies based on options.

Wyoming White
SKU: Wyoming White
The Wyoming White clownfish have a more uniform white color on the body, particularly in the chest and they have darker, and more colorful faces and fins.

ORA Midnight Clownfish
The Midnight Clownfish is a Black Ocellaris clownfish with no stripes. This gorgeous natural mutation was discovered in ORA's grow-out systems and was selectively bred over the past several years.

Longfin Phantom Clownfish
We are proud to present you with our fouth designer longfin clownfish, the Longfin Phantom Clownfish

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish (Indian Ocean)
Normally, Maroon Clownfish vary in color from bright red to dark maroon with three narrow white stripes. The fish found in the area of Sumatra and Indian ocean have gold colored stripes.

Sebae Clownfish
The Sebae Clownfish is brown with white stripes and an orange head. The anal fin is yellow and it has a white to yellow tail.

Australian Black & white false clown
These beautiful Black Ocellaris typically have an incomplete center or tail stripe, and occasionally they may have an incomplete head bar.

Blizzard Clowns mated pair
Blizzard Clowns mated pair

ORA Caramel Ocellaris
The Caramel Ocellaris is a luscious color variant of the Black Ocellaris.

Frostbite Clownfish
SKU: frostbite-clown
Our Frostbite Clownfish is an Ocellaris designer clownfish that has genetics from both the Wyoming White Clownfish and Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish.
Price varies based on options.