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SKU: LRR-AK01504-22
Price varies based on options.
Many reef aquarists want to mix high-output fluorescent T5 tubes with modern LED reef lighting to capture the brilliant color rendition of T5 lamps and retain the powerful output of LED.
SKU: LRR-YH34374
The Kessil A360X. Low Profile. Advanced Color Control. Smart Communication
The Aeraqua Duo is the world's first dual-intake, dual-needle wheel protein skimmer. You're going to love this machine!
SKU: Blue Velvet Nudibranch
Blue Velvet Nudibranch
SKU: Dalmation Linkia Fancy
Dalmation Linkia: Fancy - Linkia Multiflora
The Two-Banded Soapfish is a very rare and beautiful soapfish. Two-Banded Soapfish have a mostly yellow body with two strong black vertical stripes. Two-Banded Soapfish reach a maximum adult size of around 10 inches and need to be kept in tanks that are at least 125 gallons in size.
Feather Starfish Red
SKU: Double Tile Starfish
Double Tile Starfish Tosia sp.
Price varies based on options.
Gold Mappa Puffer Jakarta RARE!!
Price varies based on options.
Tonga Neon Green Purple Tip Ritteri Anemone Very Bright!! Gorgeous color!!
Pink Rhinopias STUNNING!!
Price varies based on options.
Machine-cut acrylic with Reef Octopus red color accents and compartments for easy setup. Includes freshwater reservoir, filter sock holder, and bubble diffusing intake chamber with lid.
SKU: LRR-IC-AGS-100-400
Price varies based on options.
IceCap Algae Turf Scrubbers use algae as a natural water filter to remove nitrate, phosphate, and other pollutants from your aquarium water. For External Use Only Installation requires feed pump & plumbing.
SKU: LRR-6E7126
Trigger has added the new Sapphire CR44 Sump to their lineup with the same great looks and features we have come to love about their sumps, but there is something different and extra special about the CR44. With your purchase of this sump, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Chrohn`s and Colitis Foundation, a non-profit, volunteer-fueled organization dedicated to finding cures for Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis, and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases.
ECO Shelf rock 50 pound box
Price varies based on options.
Blue Coral Banded Shrimp Coral Banded Shrimp are very popular among reefkeepers due to their exquisite coloring and active nature.
96w Compact FL 10,000K Super White Straight pin
SKU: GP-Caulerpa
Macro Algae Plant Reef Refugium. Freat for nitrate removal from water table, excellent for use in refugium or food source.
Cook Islands Ventralis Anthias Male SIZE 1-3 INCHES
SKU: 211235-1
Price varies based on options.
1 or 4 pound Your Choice Aquatics Ceramic Mini Bio Balls
SKU: 0P2004
Price varies based on options.
MarinePure High Performance Biofilter Media 1.5 inch Spheres MarinePures bio-media is the most technically advanced bio-media available today, designed to be a substrate for bio-filtration, specifically targeting ammonia and nitrite removal, minimizing denitrification. MarinePure is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes, eliminating ammonia and lower nitrates.
Colony Rock: Orange Red Super - Zoanthus sp. w/Scleractinia
Interruptus Angel - Japan Centropyge interruptus
Feather Duster: Fountain Head Super Colored - Sabella sp
SKU: LRR-Helfrichi
$109.95 $99.95
The Hawaii Helfrichi Firefish is also commonly known as Helfrich's Dartfish, or Mano'o-sugale. Since at times, the Hawaii Helfrichi Firefish becomes territorial especially towards other firefish unless introduced to a tank simultaneously.

Cherry Picked Decorator Rock
OCTO Lux Aquarium Systems
Simplicity DC Water Pumps Cannon Pro Led Bashsea sumps Hydra HD Primo Deco


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