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SKU: Rubyreef-hydroplex
HydroPlex is a scientifically developed copper free, antibiotic free, broad spectrum aquarium pharmaceutical that is effective for the control of parasites and microscopic organisms found in aquaria and ornamental ponds including bacteria,
SKU: Rubyreef-kickich
Price varies based on options.
Ruby Reef Kick-Ich Pro Fish Treatment
SKU: Rubyreef-Rally
Price varies based on options.
Rally Pro is a very effective broad spectrum treatment designed to be used directly in the display tank to eliminate external parasites, dinoflagellates, marine velvet, clownfish disease, gill flukes, etc. on fish. Rally Pro also treats gram negative bacterial infections, fin and tail rot, etc., and prevents secondary infections.
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse; Male - Cirrhilabrus sp Fairly rare species and thought to be a local variant or hybrid species, the scientific identification of this "Sailfin Fairy Wrasse" is still under review. It may be the very recently described Cirrhilabrus cf. cyanogularis, also known as the Blue Throat Fairy Wrasse
Price varies based on options.
The Ruby Finned Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus rubripinnis, also known as the Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Red Parrot Fairy Wrasse, or the Red Fin Wrasse, has a majestic red body with ruby red fins.
Price varies based on options.
Balteatus Fairy Wrasse: Marshall Island - Cirrhilabrus balteatus The Balteatus Fairy Wrasse also known as Girdled Fairy Wrasse, also known as the Lancetail Fairy Wrasse, has a distinctive pattern of colors.
Angulatus Flasher Wrasse; Male - Paracheilinus angulatus
SKU: LG-R440950
Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder Designed to keep moisture out of food container...for trouble free operation. Sealed container moves forward...rotates and drops desired amount of food...returns back into housing...keeps moisture out and food dry.
Price varies based on options.
The Panda Butterfly, Chaetodon adiergastos, also known as the Philippine Butterfly, is native to the oceans of Southeast Asia ranging from Taiwan to Australia. Its unique body pattern including thick black spots over its eyes and forehead vaguely resemble the patterns found on a Panda Bear.
The Cirrhilabrus Rubromarginalis or Red Margin Fairy is a beautiful wrasse that is endemic to the waters of southern Japan and Indonesia. Usually seen in pairs, it is known to exhibit a very eye-catching coloration with red margins on both its tail and dorsal fin.
The Yellow-Fin Fairy Wrasse is mostly red and white in coloration with a yellow dorsal fin. The females of this species, like other wrasses in the Cirrhilabrus genus, are mostly pink with a white underside.
Price varies based on options.
The Rose-Band Fairy Wrasse also known as the Fairy Wrasse is a peaceful fish that is sure to bring both color and activity to your reef or fish only aquarium. The adult male will be brighter and flashier than its female counterpart.
The Emperor Shrimp, Periclimenes sp., is an incredibly awesome, yet nuanced invertebrate in the home aquarium trade.
Price varies based on options.
SKU: Oyster-FeastRN
Reef Nutrition Oyster Feast 6oz Oyster-Feast is a mix of both oyster eggs and ovarian tissue (1-200 microns). Osyter-Feast is naturally size-appropriate for the smallest SPS corals(Acropora & Montipora), up to LPS corals(Goniopora & Favites).
Reef Nutrition Real Oceanic Eggs (R.O.E) 6oz R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs are super-concentrated marine fish eggs harvested from Northern Seas. They contain high levels of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids.
Tonga Acropora BOX LOT. 10- 12 acropora in a box.
SKU: LRR-EM19522
EcoTech Marine has updated their RMS single mounts and accessories for the new Generation 5 Radion Lights. If you already own a Single Arm RMS Kit for a previous XR15 or XR30 model, then you will be happy to hear that EcoTech Marine has also created this RMS Adapter Kit to update your old system to be compatible with the new G5s.
SKU: LRR-EM19312
The XR15 G5 X-Bracket/Slider is a necessary component to the EcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS mounting set up. It is what connects your Radion light to the RMS track for mounting. Each X-Bracket/Slide can rotate and move independently along the RMS track, allowing you to perfectly illuminate your corals from all angles.
Price varies based on options.
Uncompromising Performance. The G5 delivers advancements that must be seen to be believed.
Price varies based on options.
Blue Reef Chromis; Atl. - Chromis cyanea The Blue Chromis is a very peaceful and active fish from the Caribbean. These fish reside in the upper part of the aquarium and will help bring out more shy species that normally hide.
Price varies based on options.
The Elephant Ear Mushroom Coral, Rhodactis sp., features a large wavy surface, with a leathery texture and multiple mouths that makes a beautiful and unique addition to any reef tank.
The Flashing Tilefish or Chameleon Tilefish can display many different color patterns, however the prominent color will be a soft pastel blue on its elongated tubular body.
Price varies based on options.
Starcki Damsel (Chrysiptera starcki) The Starcki Damsel, also known as the Starck’s Demoiselle, comes from the reefs of the Coral Sea. This damsel is bright blue, with the dorsal side of the fish colored in an energizing yellow
SKU: 211628
Theiling Compact Rollermat Never Change A Filter Sock Again! Max Flow 500 GPH

Cherry Picked Decorator Rock
OCTO Lux Aquarium Systems
Simplicity DC Water Pumps Cannon Pro Led Bashsea sumps Hydra HD Primo Deco


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