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Florida Cherry Primo Picked Decorator

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Florida Primo Deco Live Rock



This is the most INCREDIBLE LIVE ROCK we sell. you will get Florida live rock that may have various plants and coralline algaes as well as various corals, this live rock has over 24 years of growth.This live rock sells for $16-23 per lb in the pet shops.


SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! we will contact you with the best overnight shipping method, usually air cargo to the closest major airport will be the cheapest and fastest, however we also ship UPS overnight also, we usually only ship overnight or 2 day because of the amount of live corals and plant life on this live rock, although it is common for some die off to occur.


NOTE: Box and packing of $20 per 40 lbs is also factored into the price.


BRAD B. NY on 03/24/2023 10:17am
just got all the rock in my new system, i got 200 pounds, shipping was delyed by one day but i understand not these guys fault, but on plus side the rock is full of so much life, i bought from tampa bay saltwater a year ago and the rock i got from them was not even close to how nice the rock is from these guys.
Audi Suiti on 07/19/2022 10:33am
is full of life and i will order ore for my 85 gallon reef this rock has so much sea organisms and always funding more every day, it is a rock thats has a large varity of diference in life on the rocks
Percy F. Sf on 06/12/2022 08:46pm
very colorful rock and nice sizing on pieces for my nano tank thnk you for the nice rock
Baxter F. on 06/12/2022 08:43pm
i have always heard so much on all the forums about how great the live rock is from these guys so i finally bought 75 pounds and i love it so much i am now redoing my entire rock work with the decor rocks, so much life on every piece and i am still finding new corals almost a month later. so if you want rock wit nice colors and abundanxce of life then the hype is real reefers
Jarrett P. on 05/09/2022 10:08am
I got my rock about 3 weeks ago but wanted to wait and see if or what i had after few weeks, i have been super impressed, ive found a brittle star and a really bright red color brain coral, several clams, and still finding cool stuff thank you live rock guys.
ptolemy k. on 03/23/2022 09:13am
i receiv som e broke rocks and got some of really nicer rocks and strfish with many live stuff the tangs like my new rocks and its good for the money it cost
Corp. JJ BETTS on 03/23/2022 09:08am
love this rock!!
miller J. on 02/23/2022 11:12am
great rock well worth the wait!! thanks guys.
Paula on 02/23/2022 11:10am
thank you live rock guys, this is such a great addition to my aquarium and my tangs are having a field day on the plant life, i would order more but no room, i would recommend this place for live rock for sure.
Mason m. L.A. on 02/23/2022 11:05am
got my order, i ahd to wait a mont but was worth it, very nice so many cool critters and i already ordered more, plus this company really knows this hobby very knowledgeale, spoke to matt several times and he gave me so much good advice.
Demarcus W. on 02/10/2022 11:15am
well took 3 weeks to get my rock so that sucked,but rock was really nice lotts of life and very happy with that, i would order again but could be a long wait so cosider that, they said bad weather so idk
Drew Falkner on 12/15/2021 08:57am
received my 15 pound order and i wish i would have ordered more as bill had advised me, iafter adding to my tank i can see i need another 15 pounds but i ahd to wait 3 weeks to get my order, i ordered from these guys about 2 years ago also and loved this rock and i have to say its teeming with so much life already found 2 strfish and an urchin. i already placed my new order to receive after new years.
Meyer T. on 12/14/2021 12:06pm
man these guys are the best!! the rock cane in on time and absolutely beautiful!!! this is my third order with this place and they never disappoiunt, if you want a high grade rock with tons of life this is the rock, also they have really good customer service. hard to get through on phone but they always call right back. highly recommend
Maynard M. on 11/10/2021 10:18am
love it love it love it! very pretty rock,i was not expecting so much life on the rock like this, you have exceeded my expectations thank you live rock and reef
Doug G. on 10/25/2021 09:15am

Been late in sending this. The rock you sent me is effing amazing! Every piece is interesting and most have live coral AND macros. 1 of 2 clams survived, not bad. That%u2019s the ritteri you sent me as well. I truly appreciate the service I%u2019ve received and the livestock has been top notch.

Thank you
Bob T. on 09/24/2021 11:12am
had to wait about 3 weeks due to wether but was well worth the wait, rock i recevied was just as advertised and i will def be ordering more, if you want a rock thats actually alive get this rock.
Beatrice on 09/24/2021 11:09am
Kyler SF on 08/28/2021 10:51am
my third order with these guys and i always get some interesting critters, love it! had some die off but thta is always expected coming right out of the ocean otherwise really satisfied once again. also referred my local reefers club and they will be putting on a rather large order very soon
Blake B. on 08/28/2021 10:00am
100% was worth the wait, really nice rock, you just dont see rock like this anymore i can definitely say these guys are legit. i am still finding new life weeks lter
Goey P. on 07/20/2021 10:46am
great rock, i have ordered 4 times over the last 10 years and each order seems to surprise me even more, so much life, i would recommend these folks for your live rock needs for sure.
Cody G. on 06/02/2021 09:03am
unfortunately it tokk 3 weeks to finally get my rock but was well worth it!! very nice rock lots of life as advertised, i keep finding something new seems like every couple days i woud highly recommend these gys oh and really good customer service.
Levi L. on 04/23/2021 11:20am
had to wait 2 weeks was only downside but was well worthit, i got some really really sweet rock, i ordered from these guys about 10 years ago and i got quality rock then so i figured it was gonna be good again, highly recomend!! make sure to order aboyut 2 weeks in advance since these guys get allot of orders for this rock.
Dan Y. on 04/16/2021 06:42pm
all i can say is these guys know thier shit!! the Florida deco rock is stunning!! love it love it love it, best rock i have seen in several years and ive been in the hobby for over 25 years, if you want high quality live rock this is the place to get it. and they have the best customer service, the phones are hard to get through on but they always call me back.
Brett B on 03/22/2021 11:59pm
By far the most LIFE i have ever bought on live rock and i have been doing this for 27 years. Better than the old Figi rock i used to buy. I was skepical but it is NICE!
Benji on 01/28/2021 03:41pm
dude!! absolutely stunning!!! love love love your rock, i have already had so many corals and other inverts crabs and snails come out, even found a really nice acropora coral and a brain coral, i will be adding you to the fish forums and you can expect lots of new orders from us.
Shirley L. on 01/28/2021 03:38pm
i relly like this rocks very much, i want to order more can you please call us and we will put in nwe orders there is so much coral life on these rocks.
thank you
Buster B. MD on 01/28/2021 03:37pm
well you guys came highly recommended and now i know why, outstanding live rock!!! 10 thumbs up guys thank you.
richard on 11/23/2020 10:13am
great buy. so much life on this rock highly recommend if you want some really nice live rock
Mel B. on 11/23/2020 10:12am
incredib le rock!! love it love it dont see rock like this around much anymore this place is a rare find and fantastic customer service
Joshua B on 09/04/2020 09:00am
After doing months of research, I decided to buy a 20lb nano package of the primo deco live rock and boy was I happy with my decision. The live rock has so much live on it, I%u2019m still finding clams and other small critters. There was even a large mollusk, a couple cucumbers and several small anemones. Each piece was covered in coralline algae, clams etc. Thank you Live Rock and Reef for the great customer service and AWESOME live rock.
Benny Thayer on 06/12/2020 09:49am
The customer service is amazing!!!! and loved the live rock so full of life i put the rock in about 2 months ago and it seems like every other day i find a new coral or like today i found a very colorful brittle starfish . hands down these guys are the place to get your live rock. also they have been in the industry for over 25 years and they are so knowledgeable, great product live rock n reef!!
Darrell Osborne on 05/01/2020 03:30am
I got my florida premium live rock yesterday it looked very good very happy with it fast shipping thanks you guys will buy again
Scotty R. BIG O! on 04/16/2020 09:24am
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, I was hesitant to buy online but you guys have been around for so long in this industry i had to try the deco rock, absolutely recommend, very nice guys.
Vito Y. on 04/16/2020 09:18am
liverock was Epic! love the star fish also, one question on a coral ? i sent you guys a pic.thank you very much
Miller M. on 04/09/2020 12:54pm
ordered for my third time and still the best. so much life on the rock and i gert more amd more everyday would recommend to all who want live rock this is the nicest rock ive seen around in long time.
JerrenH. on 04/03/2020 06:02pm
just got my cherry primo rock and its just as advertised!!! very very nice, i wasnt sure bout ordering online but i was referred to these guys and they shipped me some beautiful florida rock. i in turn woill refer some fellow reefers
Jeff S. on 03/22/2020 09:54am
he Rock and Sand are phenomenal!

Thank you very much! I will be placing another order for twice that much very soon!
Deb T. on 01/13/2020 09:22am
Thank You the ROCK was EXCELLENT!!!! Rick
D. Miklosz on 12/02/2019 11:26am
thanks for the gourgse pieces it will bring some nice life to the tanks nice thanksgiving have a great week
R. Cubbage on 11/14/2019 10:21am
I wanna say you say you have sold me some beautiful live-rock and it's awesome you are far superior to anybody that I've ever seen as far as the live rock. Thank you very much and I'm very pleased with the shipment. You have a wonderful day
Jay D. on 11/12/2019 03:17pm
I wanted to send a quick note and a couple photos and let you know how pleased I am with the Cherry Primo Live Rock you sent. I am a high school science teacher and the first thing many of my students do is go directly to the aquarium to see if anything new has showed up. The macroalgae are awesome, there were a couple Turkey Wing Clams, an orange sponge, and a number of small, hard corals throughout. Now that things are settling down and a have a small army of hermit crabs keeping the filamentous algae at Bay, things are going to start getting better. Now I want to get a bigger tank so I can order more!
I Perez on 10/21/2019 10:07am
Received the shipment of rock very pleased.i don%u2019t know who likes it more me or fish thanks
Steve Derammen on 08/29/2019 10:23am
Rock arrived yesterday and despite the damage to the container everything survived.
The rock is absolutely beautiful! And I'm delighted!
I'll let this acclimate and then order some more in a few weeks.
jered hedrick on 08/14/2019 07:43pm
Purchased 60 pounds of this Primo rock, Live RockNReef did their part harvesting the rock (Delta beat it up and punctured the single bad the rocks were packaged in so it had zero water in the box/bags).

We ended up with a lot of clams, some amazing sponges and Tunicates. Also some of the green fan leaf plants which look awesome as well.

This rock was used to cycle out 100g tank so we ended up with some die off which was expected (still have 8 living clams and plenty of sponges, etc).

I did seed my tank with pods as well however my tank is literally crawling with life.

We of course got some of the bristle worms which I dont mind as they work for clean up crews.

The bad. I got the dreaded Cirolanid Isopod. lots. So tank is now without fish to try and starve them off as I have way too much rock and things in my tank to attempt to "hand pick" them out of the tank. Had about 10 in my filter sock today. Hoping that 3-4 months of being without fish in the tank will starve them out.
Danni T. on 06/28/2019 09:14am
BEATIFUL VERY BEATIFUL LIVE ROCK!!! i cannot believe how much live on the rock, so much life and great service from live rock reef.
Allie May on 06/12/2019 10:02am
originally ordered for a friend but saw what she got and i am ordereing also very beautiful live rock guys.
Dorian Hurtado II on 06/04/2019 08:08pm
I was totally impressed, no die off and my rocks were filled with multiple forms of life. Wont ever buy rock anywhere else.
K. Anderson on 02/27/2019 03:59pm
My order arrived today, and I couldn%u2019t be more pleased. The variety that I%u2019m already seeing is amazing. I can%u2019t wait to see what pops up in the days to come. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Mandy on 02/07/2019 04:29pm
I got my rocks! I had them in the water by 10 am.

OMG! I have all kinds of creatures! Some I don't even know what they are!
One rock has this giant cucumber,.his mouth is wide open and he spit at me!

Then several rocks have some kind of clam or mollusk on them, big ones! They move when I get close with my hand,
Then I have a pretty little tube fan worm, although I'm not sure he's going to make it, his worm seems ok, but he can't seem to pull his fan inside the tube.
But he is reacting and turning the fan a little toward the flow.

I found brittle stars,.tiny crabs,.lots of little thingsworms etc.lot's of sponges left on the rock. And one very tall sponge,it pokes out of the tank.
Should I trim off the part that's out of the water? Or leave it? I thought you said sponges die after being out of the water.?

This is very very exciting!
Thank you so so much!
Fred B on 02/06/2019 12:04pm
First day: excellent service, knowledgeable, and professional. Received Rock in excellent condition and boxed with the reefer in mind. Did a partial water change. Will test the water parameters tomorrow. Thanks live rock n reef. Great job! I was presently surprised about the low airfreight shipping charge.
Milton N. GA on 02/05/2019 02:22pm
3rd time ordering and always worth it, hadto wait a litlle longer this time but live deco rock very nice as always thank you bILL
Derrick k. on 02/05/2019 08:52am
Best rock ive seen in 20 years love it love it love it there is so much growth everyday i come out and thers something new to find on the rock, teeming with life.
Asia M. on 10/25/2018 11:55am
Fantastic@!!!! lots of crazy life !!!
Stewart Y. MN on 09/11/2018 03:17pm
love it love it!!! love it!!! beautiful rock and so much life thank you liverocknreef.
Aleza on 08/01/2018 08:22pm
Received my rock and I absolutely love it! Beautiful rock and wonderful life! I%u2019ll definitely be ordering more for my 55gallon in th next month or so! Have a wonderful day!

Thank you!
Andrew w. on 07/12/2018 12:15pm
i was skeptical but really happy now, great rock so much life its crazy!!
Robert smith on 07/12/2018 12:14pm
rock is amazing!! best i ever seen and will be buyimg again in 2 weeks
Richie D on 04/30/2018 09:58am
Received my order about an hour and a half ago.and like the last order AMAZING!! You have overdone your self for sure !!! Thank you so much for everything %uD83D%uDE0A the rock and life on and within it is fantastic!! I'm looking forward to Future orders!
Felicia B. on 03/19/2018 11:25am
Gotta say your company has the best live rock on the market hands down. We will be ordering more very soon thanks again
Richie D. on 03/05/2018 10:29am
The rock had arrived yesterday and my Lord it is the most fantastic rock I have ever purchased!!! Thank you so much!! I'm setting up another tank in my dinning room and I will definitely be using you for all my rock in the future %uD83D%uDE0A that being said thank you for the amazing product.
Jodi S. on 02/12/2018 08:19am
this is my second order, I cant wait to see what I get this time! I love the rock I got in my first order!! If at all possible can I please get this order by the 16th?? I know that is pretty fast but I thought I would ask :)
Jason on 02/11/2018 04:35pm
I waited for about two weeks finally got my order.i was very pleased on how fast I received it and there was some life still left had for about a week going good so far colors are beautiful Deffently would order and recommend you guys looking for another order in the future.thanks
Steve Romeo on 02/01/2018 11:59am
all i can say is wow!!! so much life man and great shapes as well, these guys are the KING of rock!!!
Jerry S. on 02/25/2016 11:10am
just wantd to say yes i am very happy with this liverock, i am actually taking all the rock i had in my tank out and i will order more of this rock its very very nice!!
Robert Widor on 02/09/2016 06:40pm
My 2nd order.Amazing rock.just beautiful.Great job LiveRocknReef!
Bob W on 01/26/2016 10:19am
I'm impressed with the super fast shipping and the beautiful rock. Thanks for all of your help!
Billy Deeter on 09/17/2015 09:18am
definitely lots of life, already found several crabs and lots of differnets corals. gonna place order for more.
Janice crookston on 08/04/2015 11:57pm
This live rock is fairly nice, however only 3 stars. First the rock is heavy. It is not very porous. Second I have now counted at least ten aiptasias. These obnoxious anemones spread everywhere like weeds and they are difficult to kill. I'm not fond of the bivalves and they are attached so tight that they won't come off. I'm worried they will die and pollute the whole tank. The caulerpa is dying off, but I see some new buds. I don't have any corals,( just their left over calcium skeletons). Hopefully something will appear later on. There are no snails or cleaner crabs which I really expected some. There is pretty coralline algae, some sponges (that are probably dead since they don't survive out of water). Also some macro algae, but surely not as nice as the videos. Maybe I am being too critical, I just expected more after reading the reviews.
Mike Saunier on 02/20/2015 05:05am
After a couple months of research I went with the cherry primo deco and ordered 20 lbs for my nano tank. Picked it up at the airport without a hitch and I couldn't be happier. I received great sized pieces for a nano tank and the color and growth is amazing. Deep reds and purples, corals, sponges, vegetation, etc. No visible nuisance hitchhikers so far which is great :) can't wait to see if anything crawls out and get the tank aquascaped
Josh Kone on 06/22/2014 03:32pm
I purchased the Cherry Primo Picked Decorator 20lbs nano package and picked up at airport Rock is best iv ever seen covered in all kind of corals and growth..cant wait for 2nd order when my tank cycles A
Will on 05/21/2014 10:51am
SIMPLY AMAZING!! best rock i ever purchased, so much life, its been 3 weeks and i am still finding new corals and new inverts, also best customer service of any online place i have called, they actually talk to you on the phone and answer all your questions. Stevie B.
steve on 01/11/2014 11:39am
I just wanted to say I received my rock today and it was well worth the wait. This is the best live rock I've seen. Also I'd like to thank you for the great customer service as well you guys really do rock
Todd on 11/15/2013 11:55am
Wow. I got 30 pounds and it's fantastic. This is what I was hoping for. Bill was a great help. Best rock I have ever seen. Worth the money and I'll be ordering again next month.
Jason J. on 10/31/2013 09:34am
Thanks for taking the time last week to talk with me I was really happy with my order however the Rock I got yesterday was great. I have never bought rock with that much growth and having not to cure it was even better. I will never buy rock any where else again. I am sure your live sand is just as high grade. I own a business also and it's always nice to hear good things have some great holidays and Thanks once again Jason
Randy J. on 09/07/2013 09:24am
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say I got my rock this morning and I'm still dumbstruck. What I just put in my tank is incredible! (I hesitate to even call them rocks when they're more like artwork!) I feel like I just won the lottery! Every millimeter is covered with life and I can't wait to see what else grows, crawls, wriggles, and swims out of them!

I'll post a video and some pictures once I figure out how to best arrange them. (I think there are enough "unboxing" videos out there already!) I'll write a review too when I think I've come up with words that will do them justice and not just repeating what all of your other happy customers have already said.
Cassie Deedles on 08/18/2013 01:27am
SIMPLY AMAZING!! never seen actual live rock with so much life and the customer service was spot on, this place is the real deal folks!
Mike H. on 08/05/2013 10:29am
I am sure you get this all the time, but my live rock order... WOW. I mean... really, every rock i took out there was something different on there than the rest and the color is just fantastic... you can't find rock like this anywhere else.

Thanks! Great experience, great product, awesome service.

Chris Outten on 08/02/2013 08:01pm
This rock is awesome. Got 40 pounds of it and it was covered in growth. Corals, vegetation, all kinds of stuff were all over the rock. Even had a live mollusk open and close his shell still alive. Plenty of Coraline algae also. The only negative was I found a mantis shrimp hitchhiker but was able to get him out before aquascaping the tank. Hitchhikers are to be expected with rock this fresh from the gulf. This stuff isn't cheap but it is top quality. Thanks Live Rock and Reef.
Sasha j. on 07/14/2013 02:44am
All i can say is WOW!! I have never seen live rock this nice before, the videos and all the reviews i read are all spot on, this rock is well worth the diollas!!
Sam M. Boston BABY! on 07/10/2013 10:09am
shopped my heart out and decided to go with these guys after reading all the reviews, all i can say is this is what live rock is supposed to look like, Incredible amount of life and just precise advice of Bill, the guys knows his saltwater, ask for him, i also bought some shelf rock and its very very nice rock, cant go wrong with rock n reef
daniel rose on 04/19/2013 10:17pm
Im so happy with my order 25# cherry deco,,I just want everybody to see what I received, beautiful live rock, do I post it to "youtube" or here, "your site" plz let me know p.s...its amazing rock.thank you,bill
Leslie D. on 04/03/2013 10:07am
Received the live rock yesterday and it was amazing. The guy that set up my tank said he had never seen rock with so much life on it. Very pleased.
jeff manke on 03/13/2013 06:14pm
received my rock today, ordered 25 lbs. this was in five main rocks. Three rocks looked good with good growth. Two rocks were base quality with just purple alge and nothing else. I wish I got the rock in the u-tube video on the web site
Ziyang Truong on 02/11/2013 11:32am
Wow, you guys probably get this alot but wow. I've been trying to work on a FOWLR tank for acouple weeks now but just couldn't acclompish anything the fish is the easy part but the rocks, I've been to all the LFS here in my small town trying to look for some good live rock that I can aquascape with and actually enjoy the look of I would say I found one out of all the rocks I've bought was actually worth saving :S I was hesitant to order from you guys cause I've never ordered any live rock online before. After reading and watching more videos about you guys and the rocks you sell I Finally decided to order, service was great asked to talk to Bill if he wasn't busy and I bet he was all of you guys were, he was nice and took my order. The next day I went to pick up the goodies, went home and opened it. I ask Bill if possible if I can get pieces that were somewhat small for my tank he said you guys dont actually have time to do that after opening my package and seeing what pieces I got, if you guys dont actually have time to cherry pick the pieces and the pieces I got are just random pieces then wow. Im happy can finally rest a bit, will order from you guys again :) Thankyou.
lucio velazquez on 01/03/2013 04:46pm
i purchased 50lbs of primo deco this rock is incredible is better then the videos crazy looking best rock i ever seen
ems14 on 11/15/2012 07:54pm
did hours of research on line and got a call back from bill, asked him many questions and he had great answers, he really knows what he's talking about.

was still nervous about what the rock would look like and upon opening the box tonight I was wowed! bought 200 pounds of the cherry primo for my 500 gallon reef and I can't wait to put another order in for 200 - 300 more pounds.

the life on this rock is redonkulious! best rock I've ever seen and will never buy a different kind. I've seen rock half this good go for twice the price. great packaging, found lots of snails, brittle stars, corals, polyps, mushrooms, tons of coralline algea and sponges, even found a mantis shrimp.

don't let the whole online thing scare you like I did, this rock is the real deal.

King S. Minnesota on 11/09/2012 10:20am
i was not sure about ordering online, i was recommended by reef central to call these guys for live rock and its just incredible! i am gonna put in another much bigger order now, so life on this rock, the videos dont lie.
Dwight D. on 11/07/2012 02:09pm
all i can say is im definitely ordering more of this live rock, its got so much life on it.
paul davies on 10/02/2012 06:23pm
I've had my decorator rock for about 6 months now and I've found 2 long spine urchins, countless hardy sponges, hard polyp colonies, numerous feather dusters, numerous bivalves and mollusks. Five different types of coraline algae and (whoops) a pistol shrimp and a couple anemones. The stuff rocks and doesn't slowly die off like the standard "live rock" does. AAAAA Buy It!
Mason Miocic D.Texas on 09/17/2012 10:59pm
well after having purchased rock from 3 different places, the 1st was premium aquatics and it was junk! brown crap, then from aquacon and thtas just a complete ripoff and then from live rocks r us which i never even received my order, they just took my money, what a scam, i thank god found live rock n reef. Beautiful live rock, i mean gorgeous, i bought 40 lbs and put it in my tank and got a really good die off for the cycle, and even after the tank cycle there was still quite a bit that survived the initial cycle, so i bought another 40 pounds yesterday and just got my order today and its just AWESOME!! a few aptasias but thats expected with so many years of growth on the rock. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS!
Junior Sanders on 09/07/2012 10:41am
I called in to order some live rock for my new setup. I talked with Bill at LRR and man was he awesome. He told me exactly what i needed. I ordered 120lbs of the Primo and picked it up this morning at the airport. IT IS AWESOME. I actually received over 130lbs. It is the coolest i have ever seen. On top of that, i placed an order online for some other items and then Bill called me and told me somethings that i had ordered that i didn't need and recommended some things i did need. These guys rock! I'm a customer for life.
Scott Ea. on 08/31/2012 11:58pm
All i can really say is these guys really know live rock, just opened my boxes and the rock is the best rock i have ever seen, loaded with life, and so much color, i have been doing saltwater for about 15 years and have had 6 tanks and have ordered many kinds of live rock over the years but this is by far the best i ever had! well worth every penny.
Pam H. on 08/30/2012 12:57pm
The rock arrived looking quite fine. All of the bivalves seem to be doig OK. They are opening for feeding and closing when harassed. The plants are recovering nicely and we'll be watching the larger corals as they acclimate. We are very pleased with the order and will order more. the tank is in the outer office of our CPA firm and garners lots of attention from our staff and clients. The new rocks are definitely getting noticed. Thank you.
J Gamle on 08/22/2012 10:02am
Igot my live rock today (the primo deco) and I am absolutly blowen away! The rock has so much on it. Tell your drivers great work and thanks for the beautiful rock.
Phil on 07/14/2012 10:15am
Just unpacked the Live rock you sent me this order exceeded all expectations I don't normally order online but you guys obviously know what you are talking about, I do need to place another order if you could call me that would be great
Jimmy Garcia. on 05/26/2012 11:13am
Morgan k. MO. on 05/14/2012 11:43pm
VERY VERY HAPPY! I ordered from tampa bay saltwater and the rock looks like crap compared to these guys, the rock is just loaded with corals, i even got a rare brain coral on one of ttthe pieces. ask for bill he knows his saltwater.
Jim Kronus on 04/24/2012 11:37am
To say this rock is amazing is a GROSS understatement!!!! Just set up a 30 gallon nano and ordered Cherry Primo. I am more than impressed!!! I have to admit I was skeptical but after unboxing I will never order rock from anyone else. Thanks Bill for answering all my questions and hooking me up with this great rock!!!!
Jim B. on 04/17/2012 06:21pm
This is Jim from Syracuse New York. Just wanted to say thanks again, received the rocks and lights today. Everything was great, the rock was just like u said it would be and the lights are phenomenal. Glad that I went with the dimmable switches. Will send picks when I get it all set up.

Thank you
Marcus Ferran on 01/19/2012 09:22pm
I just received my live rock a few hours ago and placed it in my tank, This rock is by far the most amazing rock I've ever seen. It's incredible!!! There's live organisms everywhere! There's no need to add coral there's so much to look at already.
Adam Walker on 12/14/2011 10:21am
I ordered 20lbs and was so anxious for it to arrive. I even had to open it on way home from airport to have a look see. Once i got home and tore into it i was thrilled, awesome range of colors and life. So much better than the rock i had been purchasing at my LFS. 2 thumbs up from this guy, my wife even liked it and shes not that into my tanks lol

Wichita, KS
Tom on 10/24/2011 09:50am
My oder of live rock and fish arrived in great shape! Your live rock blew me away. It was really alive! It contained several bivalves and I'm concerned about how to keep them happy. Maybe my aquarium isn't as clean as I think it is and they can filter out enough to stay alive, but it seems like I should add some phytoplankton or something. What do you recommend?
Zach Harsh on 06/09/2011 11:04am
Exermly happy customr... The rock I recived had 3 different coral, plants and sponges and more. The rock was 60% covered with coraline alge. When I need more rock I will buy again from liverocknreef. Yuo can not beat the quality for the price. I will try to submit video of unboxing and in tank week later.
Thanks alot Zach
Ram Swaminathan on 06/02/2011 12:13pm
Awesome rock that comes with the best customer service there is. Bill was fantastic and he educated me a lot about live rock and marine acquarium in general. I am a fresher for salt water tanks and Bill's acquaintance has helped me tremedously. Thanks Bill!

Coming to the rock per se, it is a wonderful rock with full of live. Great colors and the new lives keep coming every day. I spotted a 'centipede' like creature just this morning. Not sure what it is though but it must have come from the live rocks because my tank is still cycling. The shipping was great, the transaction was great and working with Bill was fantastic. Try this rock. You won't feel disappointed...
Alan M. on 05/10/2011 09:53am
hello thanks for the great rock... we will do business later again thanks a lot
E Hudson on 05/04/2011 12:05am
The best deco live rock you can purchase! I have seen and ordered from every where and hands down this is the best. I will NEVER order from anywhere else. Thank LRR.
E. Hudson on 04/29/2011 12:02pm
I just received my Primo Deco and all I can say is its one of a kind!!! I will NEVER purchase from anywhere else. The live stock on the rock is unreal. I will be posting pictures on this site shortly to backup my claim. Thanks LRR
E. Hudson on 04/29/2011 12:00pm
I just received my Primo Deco and all I can say is its one of a kind!!! I will NEVER purchase from anywhere else. The live stock on the rock is unreal. I will be posting pictures on this site shortly to backup my claim. Thanks LRR
Luke Delly on 04/26/2011 09:42am
Hello to all you guys at Live Rock n reef. I just wanted to show u guys some videos I have made with your beautiful Live rock. I apologize because It may not be the best quality, but I was just trying. I thank you Live Rock N Reef once again, and u have a great week.
jerry W. on 04/17/2011 10:27pm
well i was really leary ordering online but oh my god, this rock is amazing, there is so much color and life, i will never buy from anyone else and the staff is very knowledgeable and way cool.
Frank Vadala on 04/07/2011 05:57pm
This rock is simply amazing. There was an abundance of life that was on the rock from brain coral, Coraline algae, white stony coral to some leafy plants. This rock exceeded all expectations. I picked the rock up from the airport cargo area. It was packaged in a Styrofoam box and double wrapped with plastic bags. The box had two heat packs and the rock was still warm even from the belly of the plane. The rock is very dense and full of life. Words can not describe the rock that was received. Watch the unboxing on YouTube.
Kelly w. on 03/31/2011 11:02am
OH MY GOD! this live rock is amazing! AMAZING! I was utterly amazed, so much color and life. we have had the rock in the tank for about 3 days now and everyday something new. i would highly recommend to anyone looking for live rock.
Tom carter on 03/27/2011 11:02am
Hi, Just wanted to tell you that this is the most amazing wonderful live rock that I have ever seen. I already had a cycled tank with base live rock, and I put this in my tank and just had a temporary nitrite spike. I immediately turned on the lights and have been feeding the rock with phytoplankton and zooplankton. Also lots of snails and hermits. The caulerpa is recovering now, as well as the sponges, kelp, and several small colonies of corals. The coralline algae is multicolored and looks good, too. The water has cleared and the rock is pretty clean, now. I am very happy with this order. Thank you.
Council Bluffs,IOWA
Kelvin Grant on 03/27/2011 11:00am
I wanted to commend you the excellent quality and care that you put into your live rock. I have purchased cured live rock from all over and You are the best hands down. I purchased a 100pd of live rock about six months ago and I am still finding new life everyday. So didos to Live Rock n Reef :-D
Jeff S on 03/27/2011 10:56am
So first, I am a total newbie. I got into this b/c a buddy of mine has a 8 Gal Biocube. I got talked into a 29 gal (which I'm glad I did) and had to get some live rock. The local stores had junk so I started looking online and quickly found Live Rock N Reef. I am so impressed by their service and quality of rock. My buddies that got me started reefing were all jealous of how much life the rock had that I received from I didn't know it at the time, but I have a brain coral that came as a part of the rock. Granted it lost all it's pigment, but it has started to come back and the satisfaction of providing a good environment for it's return is very satisfying. I hope you all don't see this as a shameless plug - Bill (from liverocknreef) has really helped me get my nano tank going. Just wanted to give thanks where thanks was due. Thanks.
TOWN on 03/27/2011 10:52am
Omg picked up my live rock earlier today, and you were right I will never buy live rock from a pet store again. I am so pleased with, look for me to order from you again. It is soooo worth the price. Thank you look forward to getting more from you.

Sincere Thanks
steven tyler on 03/24/2011 10:44pm
This rock is the best live rock i have ever seen in my 16 years in the saltwater hobby. i purchased 25 pounds for a new tank and i already purchased another 75 pounds. very high grade live rock! i have never seen so much life on live rock, and its all alive even after shipping. Live rock n reef is the BEST!
John Nez on 03/23/2011 11:13pm
I really like to buy from my local reef store, but I kept reading positive reviews about LRR and I decided to try it. I received my 30 lbs of Primo Deco a couple of days ago and I'm still finding new things. There a lots of worms, corals, clams, and I just found a small crab in crevice. It truly is live rock. I am very impressed. The SW cargo shipping was great and it was like the box was just filled and brought right over even though I live in a land-locked state with the closest ocean is 300 miles away.

If you want to instantly transform your tank, buy this rock.
jay york on 02/14/2011 01:01pm
Jason Foster on 02/01/2011 11:33pm
I am new to this great hobby and was skeptical to order rock off the internet. I bought several pounds from my LFS and then decided to try you guys out. I just want to say thanks!!! There is no comparison to the look and the life that your rock possess. I wish I would have went with Live Rock N Reef for my entire tank, you guys have a customer for life!!!
Ellen E Thompson on 02/01/2011 11:25pm
We picked up our rock order at the airport, brought it home, and it is the most spectacular rock we have ever seen. The life on it is amazing and the color is outstanding.
Thank you so very much for your beautiful rock that was so carefully selected for our tank. What pleasure it adds to our lives.
Joey H on 02/01/2011 11:14pm
I recieved rock today. I was told that it would arrive at airport cargo at 12:00. I thought it would be at 12 in afternoon. I was wrong it was 12 in the morning.....YIKES... my box sat for over 15 hours at airport i was was 3 hour trip to airport and 3 hours back with box. Now rock been in box for 18 hours. When i got home i went to open box i expected alot of death!!!! I cut the box open and took the rock out of paper towel. Yes paper towel not newspaper!!!!!!!!! I was completely and uderly amazed at this rock!!!!!!! no dead smell. 18 hours in a box and smelt like it just came out of tank. coraline algae covers the entire rock. within 5 minuts of me putting this rock in my tank i already counted 3 starfish plenty of coral. plenty of plants. plus the hundreds of things that i see moving but i dont even know what they are. thank you for the best live rock i have ever seen. A . i will never buy live rock from anyone but you guys thanks again. I will be singing liverocknreef to every forum i can find .
Steve W. on 11/16/2010 03:26pm
Great rock -- much nicer than I anticipated. It's been in my tank for only one week and it's really starting to come to life -- clams are beginning to open and close regularly and corals are feeding. I often sit and look at the incredible detail of this rock and always notice something new and exciting. A thanks Bill
Hugh VH on 11/13/2010 09:10am
I received my live rock 25lb package and just wanted you guys to know that it was superb! Having ordered live rock in the past online, I wasnt quite sure what to expect. Most places advertise their rock is the best but You folks deliver on you promises! It is, without a doubt the best rock Ive purchased in a long time. and Ive been in the reef tank hobby for over 20 years, before even the Berlin method, and have not seen rock like this since way back then. Nice job and thank you very, very much for the high quality and great service! Its nice to see truth in advertising. I would recommend you guys to anyone who asks
Eric Nelson on 11/12/2010 05:46pm
Thrilled Client -

I received the first half of my live rock shipment and now understand the price difference and value difference of this unique live rock compared to local fs trade rock.

My order shipped as planned, arrived in great condition and is the best live rock I have seen.

It is full of life, It has been in my tank for over a month to adjust and I notice different colors and creatures emerging every day.

One piece arrived with a great yellow sponge, another with red grape algae, and others encrusted with types of clams, corals, small crabs and even an urchin. Extreme color and extreme diversity!

Bill's advice and product is very different - very full of diverse life and very much worth the price.

Placing my order for the last half of the rock I need and some chunks for filtration and I can't wait.

Live sand in addition to the rock is the way to go.

Buy this rock!

Eric Nelson
Midland Michigan
Robert Courter on 04/29/2010 04:41pm
I purchased 60lbs of this rock. Shipping was next day air. The rock is like they said INCREDIBLE! I have recommend them to many people in my area in the saltwater hobby.
Mike Bowie on 07/07/2006 10:46am
Had some $5.99 a pound Fiji Live Rock from the local pet shop. Received 20 lbs. of the Primo and it was jaw dropping. I have had many a compliment and just ordered 90 lbs. more. Awesome Rock Bill!

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