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Fiji saltwater live rock

Live rock by the pound
Price varies based on options.
Fiji saltwater live rock This is Walt Smiths cultured Fiji rock and this Fiji live rock is flown in and is direct to you from Fiji
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ONLY $9.99 $8.99 PER LB ON ORDERS OF 48 pound INCREMENTS!  (plus $15/PER 48 lbs box and packing)

ORDER 240 LBS OR MORE AND PRICE DROPS TO $9.99 $7.99 PER LB (plus $15/PER 48 lbs box and packing)

choose the number of pounds you would like to order from the drop down menu above:

This is a very limited supply and will not last long!! This is Walt Smith Cultured Fiji man made Live Rock. This is cultured Fiji rock that was placed in the water Approx. 5 years ago. Walt has been given special permission to harvest and ship but once its gone thats it!!

It's very porous, has good shapes and nice color!!! 



NOTE: Price includes $15 per 48 lbs for box and packing 

Once you place your order we will call you to discuss Shipping options.

options are UPS Ground or UPS Overnight as well as air cargo to closest major airport.


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  • Loved this rock it really colors up my new red sea tank, i have so much new life and i will buy more in a couple weeks to finish my rock scaping.

  • my fiji rock arrived on time and looks very very nice im my new 50 gallon reef system, the shapes you get are really helpful because i am able to create lots of tunnels and shelf areas. if you re looking for nice coralline algaes and shaped this is a great live rock in my opinion. also had great customer servixce they really helped with the timing on my rock shipment to accomodate my hectic schedule.

  • FANTASTIC!!! Great shapes and really nice coralline algaes, would def rec. great customer service by the way also.

  • very nice color and shape, i would recommend this rock to anyone wanting great shapes and nice coralline algaes. also they answered all my questions very professional company.

  • had to wait couple weeks but arrived fresh, i wish i would have ordered an extra box i have a 200 gallon tank and only ordered 2 box, the rock has really cool shape very good color and lots of nice algeaes. would highly recommend thid rock also i sent 2 friends from local reefing club and they have placed an order

  • bought 2 boxes for my 75 gal tank and it arrived within resonable time and it is very nice, found great shapes and really nice color. thank you.

  • definitely worth the buy. love the rock, great shapes thank you, will buy again

  • i bought this rock 3 years ago and it looked ok, but now 3 years later i bought two more boxs for a new setup and now it look really nice, just 3 years lonegr in fiji waters i guess, it has really decent coralline algae growth and some sponges and great colors, def recommend. also ask for Bill if you have questions dude knows his saltwater knowledge.

  • my second time buying this live rock and i think it looks even better now then when i purchased about a year ago, i guess more time in water in fiji, was very nice and great shapes would definitely recommend this rock, i was seeing live rock for 10 dollrs a pound in our local fish store and it looked like brown boulders.this is very colorful and still finding new life a month later. highly recommend this rock.

  • Hello live rock guys, just wanted to leave my opinion on the Fiji rock, it was delyed by ups not your guys fault however arrived and i did unboxing video, i think it looked even better than the photos on the website, i was surprised how much growth and relly good color alages, 2 big thumbs up!! and i also will be ordering the florida deco rock as i see from several reef forums its well worth the dime.

  • i heard great things about you guys, i have to say i am impressed with this Fijji rock i got, i think i was expecting to be let down but i gotta say the reviews are all spot on, the rock is very nice and great shapes, i will be buying allot more from your company now, i am placing order for some fish after this review, thank you.

  • yes this rock is wort it, the rock is bery porus nad has lots of good color , even has some corals here and ther, i would recomend it, there is not alot in the way of live rock on the market and even though this is man made its very nice adter being the water in fiji for several years.

  • i didnt expect to be this nice, your video was shot couple years ago so the rock has had another 2 years in the water so it came in with some really nice growth from the Fiji waters. it has been in, this is a huge value in the industry, its live rock that is very tough to come by, just want to say thank you for a great rock. also bill was extremely helpful and very professional in answering several questions for me and is a great wealth of knowledge in this hobby.

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to send a quick note on my rock order. My Fiji cultured rock came in looking great. I missed that fresh ocean smell of rock from Fiji! Spotted some feather dusters, pods, worms, coralline still alive even after a bump in flights. Freight even came in lower than expected. m very happy I found a good source for Fiji cultured rock. I think this is the best rock product on the market for someone wanting to obtain a stable and diverse reef ecosystem quickly without all the excess macro life. Rock is very porous compared to other man made rock that Ive used. thanks guys


  • all i can say is wow!! this rock is stunning!!! love it and would buy more for sure i just cant fit anymore in the tank.

  • got both boxes and its very nice rock, more life on ot than i expected, very light in weight also, i would definitely order from these guys again.

  • hello and thank you for the fiji rock, it loks very nice in my aquarium. i will still need more so i will order again

  • loved this rock very nice also great unique shapes, i have always heard you are the place to get rock now i know thats correct.

  • had some broken pieces but no biggie it was gorjus!!

  • nice nice nice lots of color and good shapes thank you guys.

  • Thanks, received the rock and was nice as I expected. I may order some more in the very near future. You did A

  • yes definitely well worth the wait, these guys know rock they have always had the bset rock

  • nice nice for fiji rock, had great shapes and pretty nice algaes cant beat the price for this, highly recommend

  • Have not bought anything from here,yet . This is the first time in twenty years I have not had any rock. Fiji rock maybe in the middle of the road, but I have had some that was loaded with life. Not bad rock at all. I have cherry picked rock and have had no choice. It's always a gamble. Overall Fiji rock is a heavy rock with potentially tons of life.

  • i just wanted to say thanks guys, we really like the fiji rock more porous than i expected, coraline algae was just ok but i know thats not what you buy rock for, its for filtration,anyway we rae very happy and will be buying some of the gmp next week.

  • I have to admit the rock I received was very nice! I'm very pleased! Thank you very much

  • not bad at all, i was really happy with ny order, i know its not gonna be top of the line rock but it had quite a bit of life and for the money its been the best fiji rock ive found anywhere. i will buy from these guys again for sure.

  • all i can say is these guys know their stuff man, i thought i was just getting a real cheap fiji rock but its very nice, has good color and good shapes, blows away the stuff at the saltwater stores around here and this is their cheapest rock.

  • i am very happy, this fiji live rock is really worth the money, i paid 8 dollars a pound for brown junk at the LFS and this rock blew that away, it has great color and really great shapes, i would buy from Live Rock N Reef again for sure.

  • Dear Team of Live Rock n Reef,
    I wanted to inform you I received my live rock order this Saturday. I live in western Maryland and I was impressed with how quick the shipment arrived. I am really impressed with what I received. It was more than I expected in quantity and the life on the pieces I got too. I opened the package and at first it appeared as if they were not alive, but as soon as I placed them in my tank, over the last few days I'm finding they are full of life you would not expect =) Each day there is something new on them coming to life out of hiding and showing off in my saltwater tank from clams, mussels, to feather dusters, snails, and worms. The colors are bright and add color to my tank as well. My local store gives you these cured brown live rocks with no life to them at all charging you $10.99/lb! Over time the ones I bought from my local store have created their own life, but it is nothing like these here I purchased from you.
    This is what I had in mind all along when shopping for my saltwater tank when starting one myself. I normally don't compliment a business, but I couldn't wait to tell you my compliments and how impressed I am. I will be sure to have you as my #1 place to order from, from now on =)

  • This was my first time ordering from liverocknreef and I was not disappointed. I ordered 25 pounds of Ultra Fiji live rock and I got 6 rocks in total, 2 big and 4 medium sized. All the rocks had purple coralline, some more than others and a couple rocks had red coralline mixed in. Nice shapes, very porous and some rocks have encrusted shells and clams. Definitely better than my LFS can offer at this price.

  • all i can say is really nice rock, this is way better than the crap i bought at the local store and yours was less money, nice purple color and i even found some live corals on it, i will be placing another order today.

  • first i just wanted to say the rock was packed really well and is definitely the best fiji rock i have seen, i scoured the internet as well as my local stores and you guys definitely delivered the best fiji rock i have seen. you will be getting repeat orders from me and my friends.

  • thank you, this rock came very well packed and was really nice, the rock had really good color and cool shapes. i would order again.

  • Now this is what fiji live rock should look like, i got really nice pieces with some great colors and it was also packed really well, i am gonna order again in just a few minutes.

  • I received my ultra Fiji live rock yesterday and let it settle for about 12 hours. I must say that I'm not impressed overall. The size and shape of the rocks was great, and they were all very porous. But only one of the pieces has any color to it other than white, brown, and green. One of the smaller pieces is beautiful, with pinks, purples, oranges, and encrusted mollusks. but the rest were what I would expect from a LFS.
    It is still less expensive than rock from a store, I just wish the description was a little more accurate.
    The rocks were packaged very well with two bags and styrofoam on all sides,

  • Just recieved my fiji live rock today and the quality is far better than i could find at the local aquarium shop. and the price was much much less with free shipping. i stil cant believe the color in this rock all i can say is wow. thanks for a good product and shipping it in a nice container.

  • This is pretty good rock, the next day I was surprised to see a blue leg hermit crawling around! Always nice to find the freebies.

  • very porous and definately fully cured rock!!! with so many sites raving and stating their rock is fully cured i am happy i picked this site to order! great customer service as well!!!

  • WOW! VERY nice fiji, the local stores all have nothing but brown dead rock and this stuff is cheaper and way nicer, i will be buying again in a couple weeks.

  • Thank you for the quality Fiji rock. The rock came packaged well and had great coloration with minimal die off in shipping. I used the rock to cycle a new tank (with a chromis and goby) and within one week all levels are zero!

    With all the ‘less than honest’ purveyors of live rock on the internet…I was quite pleased with my choice of Live Rock N Reef. Thanks again…I will certainly recommend you on the forums.



  • thank you, very nice, good color and great shapes.

  • DEFINITELY! i was expecting a little purple color but this rock has really good color all over. i am most definitely satisfied. i have bought from these guys before and they always ship me good high quality live rock.

  • well i was not sure if the rock would be very nice but i was very surprised, this rock has great color for fiji rock, i bought 20 lbs at my lfs and i paid 8 dollars a pound for brown fiji rock. i would definitely recommend this rock, and its only 4.50 a pound with free ship.

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