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Really nice rock with great shape, i expected a little more color but it was way better than the crap rock at my local stores.

Peter J

Well after having purchased rock from 3 different places, the 1st was premium aquatics and it was junk! brown crap, then from aquacon and thtas just a complete ripoff and then from live rocks r us which i never even received my order, they just took my money, what a scam, i thank god found live rock n reef. Beautiful live rock, i mean gorgeous, i bought 40 lbs and put it in my tank and got a really good die off for the cycle, and even after the tank cycle there was still quite a bit that survived the initial cycle, so i bought another 40 pounds yesterday and just got my order today and its just AWESOME!! a few aptasias but thats expected with so many years of growth on the rock. i HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS!

Mason Miocic D.Texas

Dear Team of Live Rock n Reef,
I wanted to inform you I received my live rock order this Saturday. I live in western Maryland and I was impressed with how quick the shipment arrived. I am really impressed with what I received. It was more than I expected in quantity and the life on the pieces I got too. I opened the package and at first it appeared as if they were not alive, but as soon as I placed them in my tank, over the last few days I'm finding they are full of life you would not expect =) Each day there is something new on them coming to life out of hiding and showing off in my saltwater tank from clams, mussels, to feather dusters, snails, and worms. The colors are bright and add color to my tank as well. My local store gives you these cured brown live rocks with no life to them at all charging you $10.99/lb! Over time the ones I bought from my local store have created their own life, but it is nothing like these here I purchased from you.

This is what I had in mind all along when shopping for my saltwater tank when starting one myself. I normally don't compliment a business, but I couldn't wait to tell you my compliments and how impressed I am. I will be sure to have you as my #1 place to order from, from now on =)

Katie Yurina

I called in to order some live rock for my new setup. I talked with Bill at LRR and man was he awesome. He told me exactly what i needed. I ordered 120lbs of the Primo and picked it up this morning at the airport. IT IS AWESOME. I actually received over 130lbs. It is the coolest i have ever seen. On top of that, i placed an order online for some other items and then Bill called me and told me somethings that i had ordered that i didn't need and recommended some things i did need. These guys rock! I'm a customer for life.

Junior Sanders

All i can really say is these guys really know live rock, just opened my boxes and the rock is the best rock i have ever seen, loaded with life, and so much color, i have been doing saltwater for about 15 years and have had 6 tanks and have ordered many kinds of live rock over the years but this is by far the best i ever had! well worth every penny.

Scott Ea.

The rock arrived looking quite fine. All of the bivalves seem to be doig OK. They are opening for feeding and closing when harassed. The plants are recovering nicely and we'll be watching the larger corals as they acclimate. We are very pleased with the order and will order more. the tank is in the outer office of our CPA firm and garners lots of attention from our staff and clients. The new rocks are definitely getting noticed. Thank you

Pam H.

I received my 25lbs of rock and it was covered with life. Although one peice was a little larger than I expected it work very well. The life on the rock surpases the fiji I have and I can' wait to see what pops out of the rock next. Many corals on the rock that I hope survive as this was what I was wanting. The color is simply unbelieveable. Thanks for the gorgonian on the rock a special request. Some blue legged hermits and scarlets were also found. Next tank will certainly contain only Florida Rock! To purchase the organisms on the rock would cost much more than what the rock cost to purchase and ship. It's loaded.

Greg Sanders
Indianopolis, IN

I just wanted to thank you for the delivery of my rock and sand...Wow! It arrived in great shape and is gorgeous, it's nice to be able to enjoy keeping a reef tank without impacting on the wild reefs.. You have a great product and I can't wait to share the company with others.

Joe Calabi
Malvern, PA

Just wanted to send a short email to let you know that your live rock is the bomb! I really was amazed when i opened the box and seen so much life, as well as the amazing bright orange colors and so many different corals, I will be buying again real soon.

kathy stearns

Dear liverocknreef,

my wife and I recently ordered 75 pounds of your decorator rock and 50 pounds of live sand, you may not remember us but we wanted to let you know that this liverock is amazing!!!!!! We were so amazed at the amount of life on the rock and the great colors, we have purchased live rock for 4 tanks now and we are so used to the boring fiji rock that has nothing on it. We will be ordering another 75 pounds tommorow.

jerry and marie craxton

Hey Bill this liverock is way more than I expected, when you said it was loaded with many corals you were not kidding at all, you guys have the most incredible rock I have ever seen, although I am a newbie I cannot see live rock looking much better than this. thank you so much.


I recently ordered 100 pounds of cherry picked rock and I have to say man! awesome!!!! I was referred by a local petshop and they said you have the best live rock on the market and they were right, it was packed well and had heat packs inside which I was worried about because we are in the teens here in detroit, I was so glad I did not have to cure it either, I put it right in the tank and have had many compliments. will send all my reefkeeping buds your way.

Micahel garnett,
detroit, michigan

Hello, I recently received my order and wanted to say I really do not know why anyone would buy live rock anywhere else, your live rock is simply the best I have ever seen and I have been in the saltwater hobby for over twenty years and currently run a petshop in myrtle beach, I will set up a recurring order with you next week and will continue to stock my shop with your liverock.

nancy barnes,
south carolina