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small or fine grain size substrate

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CaribSea Aragamax Sugar-Sized Sand 30 lb
SKU: SS-CS00930-932
Caribsea Aragamax 30 lb. bag

Caribsea Aragamax Grand Bahama 30 Lb
SKU: SS-CS00931
Description: Caribsea Aragamax Grand Bahama 30 lb. bag Brand: CaribSea

CaribSea Dry Aragonite Fiji Pink Reef Sand 15 lb 40 lb
CaribSea Seaflor Pink Fiji Reef Sand is ideal for plenum systems, nitrate reduction systems and most fish and reef tanks. Helps achieve the pH of natural seawater.
Price varies based on options.

CaribSea Aragamax Oolitic Select Sand 30 lb
This uniformly graded oolitic aragonite not only provides nitrate reduction in shallower beds but also has an increase in pore water space which allows maximum diffusion rates of minerals and trace elements.

CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand
This grade of aragonite is specifically engineered for plenum-type nitrate reducing beds or anywhere a deeper bed is called for.
Price varies based on options.

CaribSea Tropic Isle Tahitian Moon Sand 20 lb
Accent the vibrant hues of tropical fish with this ebony Tropic Isle Sand.

Aqua Accents
Aqua Accents Decorative Aquarium Substrates are made from epoxy coated aquarium gravel/sand which is safe for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Price varies based on options.