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retrofit moonlights

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R2 Single Tube 5 LED Moonlight Retrofit
SKU: LT-RR2-11000
Description: R2 Single Tube Moonlight retrofit kit features 5 internal LED moonlights. Covers approximately 3 feet of tank but only measures 4 3/8 inches in length, it is extremely versatile and cost effective Brand: R2 Moonlights

Dual 11000 Mcd Led Moonlights
SKU: LT-RR2-11000-D
Description: Dual 11000 MCD LED moonlights. Features two moonlights each with 5 internal LED moonlights mounted in a 4-3/8 inch housing. Covers approximately 6 feet of tank, extremely versatile and cost effective Brand: R2 Moonlights

Rio Mini Sun Deep Sea Blue Color, From TAAM
SKU: LT-TM07983
Description: Rio Mini Sun, Deep Sea Blue color, from TAAM. 10 LEDs. Flexible light stand allows you to bend or twist the light head in any direction for easy positioning. Moonlight adaptor included. Brand: TAAM Rio