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LED Lighting, Fixtures, Controllers, Cables

LED Lighting, Fixtures, Controllers, Cables

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Kessil A80 Tuna Blue Nano LED Light
SKU: LRR-210363
The Kessil A80 is perfect for nano mixed reef tanks, most soft coral tanks, and fish only tanks too. The design of the A80 integrated the body as the actual heat sink for the module allowing for fanless operation making it totally silent.

Kessil A360X LED Aquarium Light With Gooseneck Mount - Tuna Blue
SKU: LRR-212829
Kessil A360X LED lights cover more of your tank while blending better than almost any other LED available. Using Kessil Logic, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and coloration is easy since the A360X will automatically adjust to a balanced spectrum for the light color that you want to see.

Pacifica 108W Lighting Fixture
JBJ offers the PACIFICA LED PAD in an extreme cool white [12,000K] & blue [20,000K] combination, which our research shows, meets the needs of most photosyntheitc cnidaria kept in tropical marine reef aquariums while providing an extremely appealing aesthetic appearance.

Kessil A360X LED Aquarium Light With Wifi Dongle & Gooseneck Mount - Tuna Blue
SKU: LRR-212832
Perfect for reef tanks and can produce light that has a rich deep blue all the way to bright natural daylight. Kessil has been tuning the Dense Matrix LEDs to bring out the best growth and coloration in corals.

Marineland Double Bright LED Light Fixture 48-60in
SKU: ML-33005
Marineland LED Double Bright Lighting System LED Lighting Features: - 17,000 Lifetime Hours - Slim stylized lighting profile - Illuminated by energy efficient LED's (75 Lumens per 1 watt LED) - (8) 1W Daylight LED's Totaling 1,200 Lumens - (4) Lunar LED Lamps FREE SHIPPING

AI Nano
SKU: SS-AI534055
Based on the platform of the popular AI Sol, the Nano Sol is designed for spotlighting applications within large tanks, standalone for Nano tanks or a variety of other unique user defined solutions.

Photon 48-V2+ - ReefBreeders
SKU: LRR-213052
The Photon V2+ breaks away from the ugly “Black Boxes” of the past, boasting high-end hardware with a beautiful slim profile at an affordable price.

R7S HID Light Fixture
SKU: SS-AL536465-75
Deliver a controlled combination of Metal Halide and Fluorescent Light with one light fixture!
Price varies based on options.

Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED Light Fixture - Orphek
SKU: LRR-211550
The Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (Gen 2) LED fixture has 42 LEDs that range from 380nm to 850nm that include full progressive dimming from 0-100%. Control the light from your favorite iOS or Android smart device! Just pair the Atlantik V4 up with Orphek Gateway for wireless control through the free Orphek Atlantik App.

Kessil A160WE Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue & Tuna Sun
SKU: YH33923-24
The A160WE features Kessil`s new proprietary Kessil Logic a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth.

Pharos 2nd Generation LED Aquarium Lighting Fixtures
Fully equipped with a lighting compensation system that will adjust the light intensity automatically to achieve 20% more power than conventional LED systems
Price varies based on options.

Triton S 145w
Triton S lamps are a pendant style, modular lamp from Pacific Sun. They come in both Master (computer on board) and Slave (controlled by Master unit) models and can be daisy-chained together via HDMI cables up to 99 units.

AI Hydra TwentySix
SKU: RH2O-AI11-26
Don't be tethered to your tank, our proprietary wireless control allows you the ultimate in flexability