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Current Usa TrueLumen Pro LED Strip Light 12"-48" w/ Canopy Brackets
SKU: trulumen12-48
TrueLumen Pro LED striplights finally offer aquarists features they have always needed. The energy efficient, long life, ultra-bright LED chips emit a sharp spectrum of light promoting growth and color and not algae.
Price varies based on options.

Current Usa TrueLumen 3 Way Splitter Cable for TrueLumen & Pro Strips & Lunar Modules
SKU: CUR01671
The TrueLumen 3-Way Splitter is for all TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights & LED Strips.

Current Usa Inline dimmer for TrueLumen LED 12/24V
SKU: CUR01672
The TrueLumen Inline Dimmer provides aquarists with an easy solution to controlling intensity and brightness of TrueLumen LED light strips.

Kessil Canopy Mount for AP700 LED Aquarium Light
SKU: YH33993
Canopy Mount Kit for Kessil AP700 LED Fixture.

 AI Prime Tank Mount - Black/White
SKU: AI01104
Easily mount your AI Prime on your rimmed or rimless tank with the adjustable Prime Tank Mount

Aqua Illuminations  Mounting Rails.
SKU: SS-AI534025-50
Aqua Illuminations Mounting Rails.For use with Aqua Illuminations LED modular systems.
Price varies based on options.

AI Prime Flex Arm - AquaIllumination
Easily mount your AI Prime on your rimmed or rimless tank with the adjustable Prime Arm Mount. Available in 12" and 18" inch lengths.
Price varies based on options.

Kessil AP9X Mounting Arm
SKU: LRR-213020
The new AP9X Mounting Arm lets the fixture be mounted with a single arm - delivering the most light spread from a single arm mount fixture on the market.

 Current USA Aluminum docking legs for TrueLumen Pro Led Strips (1 pair)
SKU: CUR03043
Adjustable aluminum docking mounts for use with Current USA TruLumen Pro LED Strips.

Giesemann Suspension Kit
Giesemann Suspension Kit for Geisemann light fixtures

Aqua Illumination Flex Mounting Arm for Hydra LED Lights - 18 Inch
SKU: LRR-3Z18112
A new, and easy, way to mount your AquaIllumination Hydra LED fixture. 18" long flexible gooseneck allows for easy position and adjustment of your light. The silicone-coated flex arm is both an attractive and sturdy.

Current Usa TrueLumen 12 Volt Power Supply for True Lumen Strips and Led Modules
SKU: CUR01670
Current USA True Lumen12 Volt Power Supply forTrue Lumen Strips and LEDModules When the day is done, these LED moonlights begin their work. By casting a beautiful moon glow over your aquarium.

Kessil Unit Link Cable - 6 ft
SKU: YH33674
Kessil Unit Link Cable for A360N, A360W and A160WE allows you to connect your Kessil controllable LED lights together or directly to the Kessil Spectral Controller.

Kessil Hanging Kit for AP700 LED Aquarium Light
SKU: YH33994
Hanging Kit for Kessil AP700 LED Fixture

Kessil 90 Degree Adapter for A Series Gooseneck Mount
SKU: YH33734
This Adapter is designed to be used with the A Series Gooseneck and allows you to gain additional reach for larger aquariums.

Kessil Gooseneck Mount for A Series LED Lights
SKU: YH09974
Kessil`s Gooseneck is compatible with all A series LED Light pendants (A150W / A160WE/ A350 / A350W /A360 / A360W / A360N).

 AI Prime HD LED Black/White
SKU: AI18012
The HD Power Difference, Check out the PAR difference between a normal 20K color setting and one with HD enabled. AI PRIME HD - 100 PAR, Generation 1 AI Prime LED - 64 PAR

 Skkylight Tablet-  Retrofit Mounting Hardware
SKU: INV-620018
The SkkyeLight Tablet Retrofit Hardware Kit securely mounts your tablet to the underside of the canopy while creating the necessary space for optimal air circulation.

Power Supply for LED Lamps
Pacific Sun Power Supply for LED lamps(180W FSP/160W Meanwell)

AI Prime Hanging Kit - BLACK/WHITE
SKU: AI01124
The Prime Hanging Kit from AI is an elegant way to suspend your AI Prime above your tank.

Aqua Illuminations Hanging Kit
SKU: SS-AI534020
This hanging kit enables you to suspend the AI Rails above your tank at the distance you wish without the height limitations of the Tank Mount Legs.

14 inch 42 LED aquarium waterproof Light Bar tube
SKU: 14ledtube
1. 42 bright LED lights can make your tank look like part of oceans, and your fish and reptiles seen where they're swimming or moving. 2. Waterproof light bar and cable. 3. The light could be submerged entirely under the water or put it out of the water and two suckers help to fix strong in the tank. 4. Power: 42x1w

Kessil Mounting Arm for AP700, A360 and A160 LED Light
SKU: YH34032
Kessil`s Mounting Arm (Part # KSAGN02) is a premium mounting option that allows you to install Kessil Aquarium Lights directly to your tank.