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15" & under power compact fixtures

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Jalli 10-3/4 In. Power Compact 13watt Single Bulb
Description: 10-3/4 inch Jalli power compact single bulb 13 watt fixture for German style bulbs. DOES NOT INCLUDE BULB(S). Total system wattage is 13 watts. Brand: Jalli

16 1/2 Inch Retrofit 36 Watt Power
Description: 16-1/2 inch Retrofit 36 watt Power Compact Jalli light unit with polished aluminum reflector, and remote ballast, includes 1 - 36 watt German style 50/50 bulb 1/2 daylight 1/2 actinic power compact bulb, 16-1/2 inch length by 4 inch wide by 2-1/6 inch t&# Brand: Jalli

AquaticLife 12IN 1-150W DE HID
SKU: SS-AL536090-95
Proper lighting for small marine tanks has never been easier!
Price varies based on options.

Bali Sun Pendant System
SKU: ABS175-400
Metal Halide, the best lighting for your aquarium, supplies the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health. Powerful enough to reach the lower depths of your aquarium with the same intensity and spectrum as natural sunlight.
Price varies based on options.