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Salifert Ammonia Test Kit
Description: Salifert Ammonia Test Kit; Brand: Salifert

Ammonia Test Kit
Ammonia, constantly released into the aquarium, is the number one killer of tropical fish

Lifegard Ammonia test strips. Contains 25 test strips
SKU: TK-RLR440003
Description: Lifegard Ammonia test strips. Contains 25 test strips for Ammonia. Reads 0 to 6.0. For salt or fresh water aquariums or ponds. Each vial features a water proof hinged pop-top lid and a desiccant liner for maximum moisture protection. Brand: Rainbow Lifegard

Ammonium Aqua Test Kit
The major source of ammonia in a well run aquarium is from solid waste from fish and invertebrates, uneaten food, decaying leaves of plants etc... In an established aquarium Ammonia should be zero and the periodical analytical evaluation of ammonia in the aquarium is needed.