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Australian Ultra Supreme Live Rock

Live rock by the pound
Price varies based on options.
Australian Ultra Supreme Live Rock This is our newest rock. saltwater live rock from Australia. It is very colorful and has good coralline algae growth.
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 Australian Ultra Supreme Live Rock



Has very good coralline Algae growth!

This is our newest rock from Australia. It has good coralline growth and great shapes and will look amazing in your aqurium.

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! The best import you can buy hands down, Extremely porous for great filtration very lightweight and pest free, NEW BATCHES EVERY 4 WEEKS

This Live rock is imported from Australia  Straight from the ocean to your tank. Australian Live Rock is never allowed to sit out and dry on a shelf; it will be shipped to you still wet and alive. Once added to your aquarium, natural live rock will start to help your tank’s biodiversity stabilize. The bacteria they house aid in the nitrification and de-nitrification processes needed to keep healthy and stable water.  Live rock is the most natural filtration for your saltwater aquarium.

  • Biological filter: Comprised of naturally occurring calcium carbonate structures. Australian Live Rock will have the best porosity available for surface area needed to create bacterial colonization, both from surface layers containing nitrifying bacteria, as well as denitrifying bacteria living deep within the intricate structures of the rock itself. Our live rock will also create a foundation for copepods, and filter feeders such as feather duster worms and sponges

  • Endless Aquascaping Possibilities: With all the intricate structures available with natural Australian live rock, you will have a beautiful aquascape in just minutes. There are countless ways to rotate and scape. Even placing the rock in with no thought at all provides a beautiful aesthetic to your aquarium, whether you are starting a new tank or just looking to add amazing accents to your current rock scape

  • Most natural habitat for fish: With so many open spaces and intricate hiding places, your fish will feel more at ease and less stressed, causing them to act as they naturally would in the oceans. Our live rock will also provide ample hiding spaces for all of your most valued invertebrates and clean up crew, especially those that are more nocturnal and need to hide during the day

  • Fast for cycling aquariums: Australian Live Rock will help aid in cycling new saltwater tank setups and speed up the cycling process for any tanks that are currently cycling and stabilizing with dry rock. Even just one small piece added to a dry rock setup will help seed the tank and get the cycle on its way quicker.

SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! we will contact you with the best overnight shipping method, usually air cargo to the closest major airport can be cheaper if over 40 lbs, however we also ship UPS overnight also.


NOTE: Box and packing of $20 per 40 lbs is also factored into the price.




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  • top notch rock highly recommend this place, its my third time getting rock and also got fish and inverts all arrived looking great. they also have really good customer service.

  • fast shipping !! AWESOME LIVE ROCK!!!! Simply put i ordered 50 pounds and every piece is very very nice, i could smell the oceana as soon as i open the box. so much crusty coeralline algae. i hihly recomend live rock and reef also fantastic customer service, ask for bill he takes the time and really answer all your questions. two big thumbs up!

  • ws skeptical but all the forums said this pace is the go to for live rock and they were right, i ordered 50 lbs of the aussie rock and its worth every penny, love it! great shapes and love that fresh ocean smell when i opeb the box. highly recommend these guys. also big shoutout to bill he has excellent customer service!

  • This live rock is absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate the time Bill took to explain the different shipping methods and which one would be best for my situation. I%u2019m very happy with my purchase. Thank you!

  • Most impressed! would buy again if i could fit more in my new aquarium, i ordered 40 lbs and it filled my 50 gallon tank, its very light in weight but also very nice branching pieces and nice clusters. i highly recommend this place also great customer service, ask for Bill

  • very nice live rock!!very light and love thr gret shapes on it, will buy more in1 months. recommending this place for sure.

  • wow! got my aussie rock yesterday and i am very happy, i would recommend this place as a safe place to buy rock from, i was not sure with all the scams out there today, but this place has great customer service and i am going to order much more in the future fro this company, i also have several friends who will be buying live rokcs from you guys as well, thank you from a very satified customer.

  • i purchased about awhile back and was very satisfied when i first got my 75 lbs of aussie rock, but then after 2 weeks all the color faded, i blamed this on these guys but then later learned why it faded and it has now since colored back up very nice, i am more educated after this and understand much more about cycling and coralline alages. i would highly recommend this rock.

  • smooth transaction, arrived timely manner and looks great, will buy more couple weeks, very light rock and great shapes and algaes.

  • Thanks for the nice pieces of rock.

  • order was packed well and i am very satisfied, the guy i spoke with matt really helped me get the right amount of rock for my tank, and i must say it is very light in weight so 30 pounds filled my whole 40 gallon aquarium. definite recommend for rock source, not many in the industry any more, i will be buying fish and critter crew from these guys as well.

  • well only 4 stars because my shipment was delayed and arrived cold and was more branch pieces than what i wanted,the rock is very branch like mostly, but great color and shape. i did not complain

  • well i was skeptical but i seen so many good reviews on this place i went for i. i worked with matt by email before i made my purchase, he was very helpful, my expectations were not high but i was satisfied enough to leave this review, the rock was much much nicer than i expected, live rock is so tough to come by these days and this place def delivered, i am very pleased with the rock and would buy again if i needed more but the 30 pounds i purchased was actually more pieces than i realizwed because the rock is light weight. but great shapes, love the branches.

  • i agree with allot of the other reviews very nice rock, spendy for sure but i wanted something that would stand out, love it thank you.

  • Thank you live rock n reef for my beautiful live rock! i hve not seen any live rock around like this in several years, i have been in the hobby for 3 decades, very nice shapes love the branch rock also nice coralline algaes and oits a very light rock so you get allot for the the price. would highly recommend this place for your live rock.

  • i decided to get this rock after so many problems usimg dry rock, what a huge diffrernce, love this rock and will buy again for sure.

  • very nice rock

  • i have ordered from these guys many times through the years and always get a good product, this rock was no exception, arrived well packed and looks beautiful in my 300 gal sps system.

  • much like other reviews on here i agree it is very light and nice color, i wanted bigger pieces but thats ok what i received is great shapes, my order was delyed in shipping an extra day but seem to be well packed and arrived in good shape, this company also seems to have good customer service which is hard to find these days. i would recommend this s a live rock in your aquarium if you can afford the high price!

  • had to wait a bit but it was well worth it, very nice rock as shown in the pictures, very branch like and very decent growth and color, i only got 25 pounds but it is very light weight wise, so looks more like 35 pounds, if you are wanting a rock that is very unique and different then this is worth the high price.

  • arrived very cold no heat packs, otherwise very nice shapes and nice color, prob best rock shapes ive ever seen, very bird nesty, my fish love swiimg ythrough the holes and crevices, if it wsnt so costly i would buy more. so only 4 stars because of price and no heat packs.

  • I order this rock and it arrived cold as ice. I was hopeful it would still be alive, there is some life showing. The other issue I have is they were supposed to provide large chunks. I originally asked for a mix of shelf and chunk, they talked me into chunk saying it was lighter. Most were flat and all were almost bleach white. Definitely not what is pictured! For the cost, very disappointed. Eight rocks, $500 with not much life to be seen on it. Buy at your own risk.

  • simply put best rock i have ever seen, been in this hobby for 38 years if you can afford it you will love it!!!

  • best rock ive ever seen, i been waiting for aussie to open back up, i had this rock about 12 years ago and i setup another tank and was really wanting this rock again, thank you live rock and reef guys. very nice stcky coraline algaes red and purple with orange hues, and fantasctic shapes.

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