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SURF4x floating surface Ribbon Scrubber® with Green Grabber® surfaces

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Surf Scrubber®
Upflow Algae Scrubber®
Floating Surface Upflow Algae Scrubber®
with Green Grabber® surfaces,
strings for saltwater, and Xtra LEDs for
high nutrient water
"It Floats Like A Boat!" (TM)
Eliminate water changes. Remove nuisance algae, nitrate and phosphate. Cultivate seaweed for feeding.
Videos of the regular-power SURF4::
Ten cleanings (harvests) of the SURF4 in four months:
Reef2Reef review of the SURF4:
Ten more cleanings in three more months, with more air:
Sixth 10 days of growth of the SURF4:
Second 12 days of growth of the SURF4:
First 17 days of growth of the SURF4:
Video overview of the SURF4:
Unboxing and installation of the SURF4:

SURF4x dimensions: 8" wide by 10" long by 4" thick (20 cm wide, 25 cm long, 10 cm thick).

Operates on both 120 and 240V. Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by putting the item into the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates"

No dangerous metal 240/120 volt lights.

Welcome to algae scrubbers. We are the only source for patented upflow scrubbers: U.S. Patent 9,115,008 and 9,708,207. All the oceans, reefs, lakes and rivers are naturally filtered only by algae, and all the organic particles remain in the water to feed the creatures. Reduce your glass cleaning and water changes, and create an environment for living micro-animals to grow inside the scrubber. No more dosing or possible overdosing. No more refilling. No more pale corals from low nutrients, and no more sick animals from high nutrients. Far more powerful than chaeto or refugiums, and does not remove the food particles. And you can use the algae as food!

Get the no-overflow advantage of an upflow scrubber: since it is ALL underwater, it can't overflow onto your floor. And now the LED light is coated with an extremely tough black epoxy to maximize protection from water, salt, and physical damage.

Finally an aquarium filter that offers drop-in installation, reduction or elimination of water changes and nuisance algae, along with almost no-light and almost no-sound, and possibly most important, one-handed cleaning with no disassembly required. It operates the way the oceans and lakes do, using algae to do all the filtering, and truly can replace all other filters in your aquarium.

The SURF4x (TM) is the stronger-LED version of the SURF4, and has 12 LEDs instead of 8 as on the SURF4. These Xtra LEDs allow the SURF4x to grow green in water with higher nutrient levels over 0.2 ppm phosphate, where the lower-power SURF4 would grow dark or black instead. And in addition to growing green sooner in higher nutrient water, the SURF4x will grow more, faster, most of the time (the top layer of floating algae in the scrubber will generally be about 50% thicker than on the SURF4).

Other than the more powerful LED light (which also fits the larger SURF8), the SURF4x is identical to the SURF4. Simply lift up the LED lid and pull the algae out. And you can feed some of the algae to your fish and snails if you want to (fresh is best!)

This SURF4x floating surface scrubber has over 48 square inches (300 square cm) of extremely rough Green Grabber® algal growth surface which can grow up to a 2" (5 cm) thick block of green hair algae. This is about four small handfuls, and is designed to absorb the nutrients from this much feeding per day:

4 Frozen cubes, or

40 Pinches of flake, or

40 Square inches (250 square cm) of nori, or

11 grams of pellets

The physical size or number of gallons or liters of water in your tank or sump does not matter. If you feed more than the above amounts, you can get multiple SURF4x units; or a combination of SURF and HOG units; multiple units are preferred over one larger unit because you can clean one unit per week, and because you'll always have one unit filtering while the other one starts growing again after a cleaning. Multiple SURF4x units are also good for backup.

The SURF4x starts with four bubble openings at the bottom, where upflowing air bubbles (from strong air pumps, sold separately) flow up into the growth compartment and bring aquarium water with it. As the bubbles and water enter the growth compartment they rub the algae-attachment ribbons and get blasted by the super-red 660nm LED light. The bubbles then circle around and around inside the growth compartment, rubbing against the ribbons and the Green Grabber super-rough rock-hard attachment textures as the bubbles rise up to the water surface. This repeated rubbing of bubbles causes algae to start growing on the ribbons and textures; freshwater grows thin stringy algae, and saltwater grows thicker, denser algae. The air then goes out of the top of the unit, quietly and with practically no salt spray, and the water goes down and out four holes in the bottom, without any bubbles remaining. The SURF4x growth compartment is one full inch deeper than the SURF2 or SURF2x (3" compared to 2"), which further keeps all bubbles at the top, and bubble-free water at the bottom, where the water exits.

A few features of the SURF4x provide real usefulness and are available on no other algae scrubber except the other SURF models. First, the enclosed growth compartment increases the dwell time of the water and bubbles inside the unit so that they rub the algae many times before leaving the compartment. This actually reduces nutrients (nitrate, phosphate) to a level lower than the outside water, which allows greener growth to occur sooner (lower nutrients grow greener algae) inside the unit, especially in high-nutrient aquarium water. In other words, the SURF4x creates a lower-nutrient ecosystem inside itself which is different from the rest of the outside water. Also, the position of the air bubble inlets (below the growth) causes the bubbles to flow through the growth no matter how thick the growth gets. This is in contrast to waterfall scrubbers which mostly flow water on the outside of the growth, leaving the inner layers of growth without flow.

Another feature which was highly requested was quiet operation. Since the SURF4x does not touch the aquarium glass or sump glass, and since it's made of heavy material surrounded by foam, it is by far the quietest algae scrubber ever made; as a matter of fact it's almost silent (the air pump is usually louder). The thick and heavy gauge plastic growth container is coated internally by even thicker and heavier Green Grabber textures, and is surrounded on the outside by 1" (2.5 cm) of closed cell polyethylene foam. This stops virtually all sound from going sideways. And the 3/4" (19 mm) thick LED lid is filled with super dense polyurethane, which absorbs more sound than a rigid structure would, and much more than a non-sealed structure would. Lastly, the path that air has to take to get out of the top requires the air to first go sideways towards the foam, and then upwards along the foam; this allows the foam to absorb any remaining sound exactly the way foam absorbs sound in a studio. So while you may hear very muffled bubbling if the filter were next to your bed at night, you will hear nothing if there is any other activity occurring in your house. And as growth fills the compartment, even more sound is absorbed.

Another great feature is the elimination of salt spray (for saltwater). Since the air must come up through the narrow space between the LED lid and the foam, all the salt spray remains in the growth compartment where it is washed away by the water. And if the top of the unit does ever need to be "washed", just push it under the water surface for a few seconds and let water flow over the top; no need to take it to the sink.

Bubble removal is probably the most-requested feature. Any and all algae scrubbers, whether they are upflow, waterfall or horizontal rivers, all have bubbles which must be removed. The internal growth compartment of the SURF4x keeps bubbles inside the almost 3" deep internal water level, only letting water out of the four small holes at the bottom after the air has escaped out the top. Thus, no bubbles get into the aquarium, sump or water; only a little red light, which gets less as growth gets thicker.

The Green Grabber algal growth attachment surface is so rough and prickly that is might be the roughest thing you've ever felt. A cactus might be sharper, but that's about it. Rough surfaces are critical for allowing algae to attach and grow and thus provide strong absorption of nutrients. The rock-hard protrusions stick straight out 1 to 3 mm. Previous algae scrubber screens were made from "slippery" plastic canvas that is used for sewing and knitting; algae take a long time to attach to it. Green Grabber growth surfaces are not plastic at all; instead they are rock hard and have jagged rough edges and points (don't let children play with them). Green Grabber surfaces are so good at grabbing algae and letting it grow, that if you have high nitrate and phosphate you may start seeing tiny growth spots within hours instead of days. And the white color of the Green-Grabber surface reflects as much light as possible, allowing lots of light to reflect back to the algae.

The main advantage of the SURF4x or any algae scrubber is that if you size and operate it properly, it can be the only filter for your tank, even replacing waterchanges. It can, however, also be used with other filters. Some other filters such as carbon dosing (Zeo, pellets, etc) may slow down the scrubber, but nothing will really "hurt" the scrubber except possibly large amounts of algaecide or copper medications. The SURF4x cannot even dry out, since it's always under water.

The SURF4x comes with dual power supplies, each one powering six LEDs (total of 12 LEDs). Not only does this provide backup, it allows you to start the scrubber with less light which sometimes helps growth start faster in low-nutrient water or new tanks, or after a really thorough cleaning.

The SURF4x will run on both 120V and 240V, and each power supply comes with a 10 ft (300 cm) power cord with a U.S. plug. If you require a different plug you can get two adapters at any local hardware or travel store, or online, or you can cut off the U.S. plugs and install your own plugs from a hardware store. They are simple 2-wire plugs.

Comes with 6 ft (180 cm) of quad vinyl airline, but requires a 4-outlet air pump, or two 2-outlet pumps, that can pump at least 10 total liters per minute (0.4 cfm), which small low-cost pumps cannot do. Pumps that say they can handle 20 or more airstones, or pumps with 4 tubing attachments instead of one, are best. You can have as much air as you like, however; 10 lpm per inlet (40 lpm total) is no problem, because the bubble rings which circle around the air inlets prevent large bubbles from escaping. It is the air bubbles which move water into the growth compartment and up the growth surfaces, and also supply carbon dioxide (CO2 in the air) to the surfaces, which allow algae to grow in the filter. The more bubbles, the thicker the algae can grow. Large bubbles even create openings in the algae for light to reach further down into the growth; thus reducing dark areas. The bubble rings also shield the bubbles from strong powerheads or flow that some sumps have, so that all the bubbles go up into the SURF4x.

One powerful air pump which works exceptionally well is the Tetra Whisper AP 300, which has 2 outlets, thus requiring 2 pumps. Or you could get a 4-outlet pump, with or without a control knob, online.. Make sure to put any pump above the aquarium so that it will not drain any water if it shuts off.

If you are planning on multiple SURF4x units, the pump to get is the HAILEA air pump in the smaller model ACO-9720 which is 25 watts and 30 liters per minute (for two SURF4x units), or the larger model ACO-9730 which is 50 watts and 60 liters per minute (for four SURF4x units). These pumps are completely waterproof, solid metal, and very quiet so that you will only hear the scrubber working, not the pump. However they are large (the size of a soccer ball), and heavy (8 or 12 pounds; 4 or 6 kg), and they use lots of thick rubber inside which gives a "new tires" smell for a few weeks. They are available in either 120 volt or 240 volt versions, and are easily found online; the 120 volt USA version is available here:

The LED lid contains 12 red (660 nm) 3-watt LEDs, which are attached to an aluminum heat sink which is painted black to reduce heat; it does get warm. The LEDs will give the aquarium or sump a slight red color at night when the aquarium lights are off, but this will occur less as the SURF4x fills with growth. You will need to get a timer so you can run the LEDs for up to 22 hours per day (not 24). The LEDs never needs replacing.

The SURF4x will need to be cleaned ("harvested") every 7 to 14 days or when thick with growth. Just lift up the LED lid, grab a handful of algae, and pull it out. You can even feed some of the algae to your fish. You usually do not need to take anything apart, or take anything to your sink, once the growth get thick.

The SURF4x comes with a 1 year warranty: Warranty is for replacement or repair only; not a refund. Costs for shipping back to us are not covered; you will need to ship the entire unit back to us before we can ship a replacement. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement, and does not cover fish loss, personal injury, property loss, or direct, incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of it. The warranty and remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all others, whether oral or written, express or implied. We specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to lost profits, downtime, goodwill, damage to or replacement of other equipment and property, and any costs of recovering animals, plants, tanks or other aquarium related items and/or equipment. We are not responsible for special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty, or replacement of equipment or property, or any costs of recovering or reproducing any equipment, animals or plants used or grown with this product.

Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by using the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates". If you don't have a zip code, enter "zip code" instead. Note that shipping outside of the USA will probably require you to also pay an import charge when it arrives. We cannot mark it as "gift". The lowest cost overseas shipping is generally USPS Priority Mail International. The size of the shipping box is 12 x 9 x 6 inches, (30 x 23 x 15 cm).

SURF4x size: 8" wide by 10" long by 4" thick (20 cm wide, 25 cm long, 10 cm thick). It requires at least 4" (10 cm) of water to operate in.

Comments on the almost identical SURF4:

"I love how my four SURF4 units are constructed" -- Tim Caldwell

"Happy to report that the SURF4 is growing lots of hair algae" -- Kidtango on the R2R site

"Currently I have two algae scrubbers that I purchased from Santa Monica. SURF2 and SURF4. SURF2 is powered by Fusion 700 and SURF4 is powered by Coralife Super Luft SL-38. I can grow significant amount of algae in both" -- T.C. pic of SURF4:


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