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Xenia Corals and Polyps

Xenia Corals and Polyps

Xenia Corals and Polyps

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SKU: Silver Pulsating Xenia
Price varies based on options.
classification: Xeniid Coral Type : Soft Corals Common Name: Pulsing Xenia
SKU: yellow polyp rock
The Yellow Colony Polyp Corals are colonial animals with several individual polyps attached to a piece of live rock or coral rubble. They are bright yellow in color and their polyps have the ability to sting other polyps or corals. While the sting is not strong, they are semi-aggressive and need to have space between their colony and any neighbors.
SKU: Green Star Polyps
Price varies based on options.
Description: Green Star polyps are small bright green polyps connected together by a rubbery purple colored mat. Open during the day, retracted at night or when disturbed.
Clove Polyps (Clavularia sp.) have eight fan-like tentacles flowering from the end of each stalk. The stalks grow from a base encrusting over a hard surface.
SKU: TCR-001
Mixture of mushrooms and zoanthids. VERY NICE!
SKU: Blue Sympodium
Blue Sympodium is a soft coral with an encrusting base and is considered a newcomer to the reef aquarium hobby.
Price varies based on options.
They are very easy to maintain in the reef aquarium. Their polyps have the ability to sting other animals and are semi-aggressive, therefore, they need to have space between their colony and any neighbors.
SKU: ppxp-009
Pom Pom Xenia: Pumping
Blue Cespitularia - Cespitularia sp. The Blue Cespitularia is a truly unique color form making it one of the hobby's most sought after soft corals.
They have eight fan-like tentacles at the end of each polyp and grow from an encrusting base

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