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Why Florida Live Rock is Better than Fiji Rock

Live Rock N Reef carries some of the highest quality Florida Live Rock in the Country. Our Coral rock is vibrant, colorful, and full of life.

Many stores carry a lower grade and less appealing Fiji Rock that is certainly much less expensive and looks like it.

The images below are a good example of how much more life, and color our unique live rock contains compared to the typical fiji live rock.

Fiji Rock Sample

Florida Live Rock Sample

What do our customers say:

“Dear liverocknreef,

my wife and I recently ordered 75 pounds of your decorator rock and 50 pounds of live sand, you may not remember us but we wanted to let you know that this liverock is amazing!!!!!! We were so amazed at the amount of life on the rock and the great colors, we have purchased live rock for 4 tanks now and we are so used to the boring fiji rock that has nothing on it. We will be ordering another 75 pounds tomorrow.”

jerry and marie craxton

If you want your tank to be beautiful, colorful, unique, and full of life then please purchase some of our Awesome Florida live rock today!