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Four Spot Butterflyfish


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The Four Spot Butterfly, Chaetodon quadrimaculatus, also known as the Fourspot Butterfly, is a distinctly colored and patterned butterfly with a yellow underbelly, black dorsal fin, with two white spots on either side.

The Four Spot Butterfly can sometimes be difficult to keep in an aquarium setting for a beginner aquarist. They can reach a size of 6 inches, and require a tank no less than 50 gallons. Butterflyfish are generally community fish in nature. Though some more pugnacious species may terrorize smaller or more docile fish, most can be kept with a wide range of community tank mates. They are also not considered reef safe, as they can nibble on certain coral species, and can become territorial with smaller fish and other butterfly species. Further, the Four Spot Butterfly will pick on sessile invertebrates and even small hermits and crabs if not fed well.

The Four Spot Butterfly will eat an omnivorous diet, consisting of meaty live and  frozen foods like Mysis shrimp, Brine shrimp, finely chopped  Clam, Scallops,  and other meaty foods, combined with Spirulina algae and vitamin enriched foods. Some Butterfly species, though not the Four Spot, will only eat fleshy coral polyps. Overall, the Four Spot Butterfly is an interesting addition to any tank but must be introduced with preparation and understanding - if that is done then the Four Spot Butterfly will surely thrive. They will also require a tempertaure range of 75 - 82°F and a pH of 8.1-8.4.

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