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Colored Angler fish

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Native to waters from the Caribbean to South America, and the Indian Ocean. Also known as a Painted Angler or a Frogfish, its closest relative is the Toadfish. Anglers have an appendage of long fleshy spine on the first dorsal fin, known as an illicium, with a tip which looks like a worm (the esca). Together, the illicium and esca look like a fishing pole with bait, thus the name "angler." These fish have 4 unique qualities: 1. can change its color to match the surroundings. 2. has unusual color patterns to blend in and for defense. 3. can gulp water or air in-order to increase its body size and avoid being supper for large predators. 4. bottom fins used to walk in reefs.

Size: sm. 3/4"-2"; med. 1 1/2"-3"; lg. 3"-5" xl. 4"-6"
Tank: min. 55 gallon
Temperament: Peaceful. Will eat fish smaller than itself.
Food: (Carnivore) live and frozen shrimp and fish (except goldfish; can pass on bacterial infections and upset the water quality of the tank), and other meaty items. It is gluttonous and will eat anything it can get into its mouth, including other anglers and venomous fish.
Light: High
Adaptation: Acclimates easily to aquarium life when it has a lot of hiding places and room to swim. It needs plenty of rock and coral decorations for hiding. Does best with lots of live rock.
Compatibility: Great choice for reef systems and aquariums with other peaceful fish or in its own tank. They do not bother corals but will eat any fish it can get in its mouth. Use caution, in regard to size, when choosing tank-mates.

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