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Saltwater Clams

We carry a variety of giant, beautiful saltwater clams for your aquarium
Maxima Clams Maxima Clams Tahiti Clams Tahiti Clams
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Saltwater Clams

Tahitian Clams have become very popular among aquarium enthusiasts. The most distinguishing feature of these clams is their large two-part shell and interior mantle. They have intricately colored patterns in the mantle, making them attractive additions to the marine aquarium.

saltwater clams

Clams are wonderful additions to any reef aquarium. They are most prized for their brilliant colors and cultured specimens are becoming more available in recent years. In the aquarium, place high in the tank under direct light (Metal Halide, VHO, or Power Compact).

Blue Maxima Clams are easy to keep when provided with proper light, calcium levels, and food. Maxima Clams should be kept under metal halide lighting with at least 5-6 watts per gallon. Calcium levels should be kept at 400-450 ppm. The use of Kalkwasser Mix, or a calcium reactor is a tremendous benefit to all clams. They need the calcium to grow and build their shells.

Although clams consume dissolved organic substances and inorganic nutrients such as ammonia and nitrate you should supplement their diet with marine snow, and phytoplankton.

When placing clams make sure to protect the byassus opening on the bottom of their shell by burying it in the sand, or resting it on top of a rock. Do not try to move the clam once it has attached to a rock. You could kill it.

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