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Live corals

Live corals
Live corals will add color and beauty to your saltwater aquarium. Our live coral is sturdy and fast growing under good conditions. The Green Star Polyps if placed at the back of the aquarium will grow up the back making a very attractive green backdrop.
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Tonga Kaelini Live Rock
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Live Corals

Live corals are very important to the overall structure of your saltwater aquarium reef. The look and appearance of the corals varies depending on the aquarium environment.

Our live corals are a perfect addition to your home or office aquarium. They are affordable, colorful and very eye-catching. You can purchase large live corals or smaller pieces or frags which will flourish and grow once placed in your aquarium.

live corals

You can choose from a number of types of live corals including:

Our coral frags include the following types:

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