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Saltwater Live Rock

Saltwater Live Rock
Live rock and reef is a direct from the diver company and is a great way to get quality live rock at wholesale prices, we will even customize your order, just tell us the size pieces you want and what size tank you have.
Florida Live Sand and Crushed Coral substrates Florida Live Sand and Crushed Coral substrates Live rock specials with shipping included. Live rock specials with shipping included. Live rock by the pound Live rock by the pound
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Tonga Kaelini Live Rock
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Saltwater Live Rock

You may be surprised about the wide variety of saltwater live rock offered here at Live Rock 'N Reef. Our live rock is imported from tropical locations around the world including Tonga, Fiji, Indonesia, Bali as well as Florida and the gulf of Mexico.

The large variety of live rock we import and harvest allows us to cater to retail pet shops,wholesalers,and reef hobbyists alike.

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We have been studying and researching many aspects of the oceans biological chemistry and working on providing home aquarium reef hobbyist with a very desirable saltwater live rock, we also provide excellent customer service and have an experienced staff to answer all your saltwater questions.

The main focus of Live Rock n Reef will always be to share and care for the living world, create benefit to the local economy, insist on sustainable and careful use of the resource and work together with science and industry to gain a better understanding of our marine ecosystem.

The recommended amount of Live Rock for an aquarium is 1.50 to 2.0 pounds per gallon. This amount will create a beautiful aquascape, and add the biodiversity that many enthusiasts demand in their aquarium.

Live Rock not only benefit's reef aquariums, but also fish-only tanks, Live rock will provide a natural food source for some fish, aid in the breakdown of waste produced by aquarium inhabitants, and create a foundation for live corals or decorations in a fish-only aquarium. Many additional life forms such as plants, worms, sponges, starfish, crustaceans, and mollusks will appear after your live rock has been in the aquarium for a few weeks.

Live Rock is easy to maintain in the aquarium, and makes an excellent candidate for the beginner to the expert aquarist. Live Rock requires moderate lighting and moderate water movement, along with the addition of additives. These additives will help continue to bring out all the beautiful colors in your live rock. we suggest using reef vital dna a marc weiss product.

Visit the categories at the top of this page or call Toll Free 1-800-249-9765 today! 

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